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The small riddle German roznitsy

Despite crisis, it has increased a gain

As has informed Federal statistical department of Germany, incomes of retail trade for August have grown in comparison with July on 3,6 %. The increase in real incomes (taking into account a rise in prices) has made 3,1 % - such growth is record from January, 2007. But in comparison with August of last year the gain roznitsy has increased only by 0,3 %, and real incomes of Germans even have decreased on 3 %.

Forecasts of experts, however, looked more optimistically. Economists predicted growth of real incomes on 0,5 % in comparison with July. According to their expectations, in comparison with the similar period of last ­ year real incomes this August should decrease on 2,6 %. Trade in articles of food in August was not too successful: real turns of this branch have fallen to 4,7 % in comparison with August of last year. Specialised retail trade has especially suffered. Is unsweetened it was necessary also to department stores, and also the companies selling the goods under catalogues: their turns were reduced to 4,5 %. The companies specialising on sale of ornaments, and also bookshops, on the contrary, could increase incomes by 4,5 % in comparison with the similar period of last year.

for first eight months of current year retail trade has gained on 2,1 % more than for the same period of 2007. Real incomes, however, were reduced to 0,7 %. As branch union HDE expects, for all twelve months 2008 the turn will grow on 1,5 %. “ It was surprisingly big lifting “ - economist UniŃredit Alexander Kokh has noticed. He has added also that higher growth of a gain was observed during the last years only in December, 2006, truth then the turn was affected BY VAT increase. By words g - on Kokh, the reasons of increase in a gain in August of this year is sharp reduction of prices on oil. But if to compare the data of July and August to second quarter indicators it will be found out that turns for two summer months have endured stagnation. “ three percent is not a tendency. Further all will be gloomy “ - does a conclusion Alexander Kokh. Andreas Shojerle from Dekabank names increase in incomes roznitsy “ a small riddle “ as economic ­ conditions as a whole have not changed almost. In its opinion, the only thing ­ that could affect turns roznitsy to Germany, this decrease in inflation which has led to improvement of mood of consumers.

“ one swallow doesn`t make a summer “ - the economist from Sal believes. Oppenheim Ulrike Kastens. She notices that within several months the branch developed poorly, therefore in August at last it was possible to correct a situation. Besides, an important role seasonal sales could play. G - zha Kastens agrees that forecasts for the end of the year look unfavourably as consumers feel uncertainly from - for inflations and financial crisis.