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Timid conservatives

Reaction to fear is capable to tell about political preferences of citizens

It is known that Alexander the Great took to itself in protection only those soldiers who at danger reddened; the same who turned pale, the commander drove away. It appears, thus it is possible to learn not only about military valour, but also about political expectations of people. Scientists from Nebrassky university in the Lincoln have established that on physical reactions to strong stress it is possible to foresee, what political policy will be supported by the voter.

the professor of psychology of Mario Skarola and the professor of political science John Hibbing have tested 50 persons which reactions to external threat were estimated by the gauges fixing conductivity of a skin, muscular reductions, frequency of palpitation and movement of eyes. Preliminary participants of experiment have filled the questionnaire in which have told about the political preferences, and also about the one whom from candidates on a post of the US president - McCain or Obama they support. Obama`s certainly, typical supporter strongly differs from the average admirer of a policy McCain, - Elena Shestopal has told daily the Doctor of Philosophy, the professor, managing chair of political psychology of philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University. - So, supporters of conservative flank traditionally differ is black - white vision of the world. For them is characteristic to divide people on and another`s, friends and enemies. As a rule they negatively concern changes, to other cultures and far-outers, constantly expecting from their party of threat. Supporters of democracy, basically being people young and successful enough, positively perceive all new. Democrats are more opened and with interest, without fear concern other cultures. They practically always support peace ways of the decision of the conflict, trying to understand a position of the opponent .

During experience to participants showed pictures of the menacing maintenance - a huge spider on the person, the blood-stained person and other horror stories which suddenly jumped out on the screen, frightening spectators. After end a film session scientists have correlated indications of devices with answers to questionnaire questions. It has appeared that roughly reacting to threat approve any ways of protection of the state and make potential electorate of aggressive conservative John McCain, and those who has easy enough concerned impartial pictures, do not wait for an attack from the outside and support democratic flank in the name of Barack Obama. Having summed up results of research, scientific have established that people who sharply react to unexpected noise or light, are inclined to support a political policy which main task is protection of the population against external threats. So, disturbing people to whom the paint is said directly from a fright, are inclined to justify radical political courses - toughening of laws, the death penalty and the aggressive policy of the state expressed in increase of a defence cost, race of arms, war for democracy in Iraq. The people shuddering from the slightest noise, differ adherence to traditional values. They are inclined to frequent displays of patriotism and nationalism. The same who does not jump from a sudden clap or flash, and only slightly turns pale, on the contrary, in every possible way support a democratic course and diplomacy. They support a policy of mutual aid, draw on importance of good-neighbourhood with other states and legal settlements of conflicts. People of this kind are more tolerant to other cultures and, hence, to immigrants.

reaction to fear and threat is caused by the basic properties of nervous system. Ability to be mobilised and resist to external threats depends on a parity of two base processes - excitation and braking, - a Dr.Sci.Biol., the professor managing chair of the higher nervous activity of biological faculty of the Moscow State University Valery Shulgovsky explains daily. - So, force of the basic nervous processes is responsible for endurance of mentality, steadiness of reactions of excitation and braking - for adequacy of emotional reactions, mobility of these processes causes speed of change of emotions and speed of switching on the new information. External displays of reactions to threat are caused by features of vegetative nervous system. So, people who redden in reply to a sudden fright, are programmed on aggressive reaction and readiness to reject pressure. Such way of the answer to threat is called stress of a lion . In life lions are impulsive, emotional and are quite often aggressively adjusted in relation to associates. The same which turn pale at the slightest fright, run into a stupor, their organism, on the contrary, hides - such type of reaction is called stress of a rabbit . People of this kind usually nekonfliktny also are tolerant to another .

On the basis of this law John Hibbing has concluded that political beliefs and expectations have under themselves not only social, but also more powerful - the biological bases. For this reason many political conflicts do not disappear after diplomatic settlement after politicians will come to the agreement. The fear of threat put at physiological level and the requirement connected with it for protection does of people of supporters of the aggressive, militarised policy. Thus, according to Mario Skaroly, aggressive wars are supported, proceeding from the simple formula: the best protection - an attack. So interstate conflicts are supported not only political and economic interests, but also derive the strength from a human nature.