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Kaplevidnaja Mazda

the Japanese company has presented in Paris compact Kiyora

the Main novelty of Mazda presented to the public on the Parisian motor show, became kontsept - penalties Kiyora. This car is the seventh prototype from series Nagare (in transfer with Japanese “ a stream “) . As declare in the company, non-polluting kontsept Kiyora reflects the future of cars of Mazda in a compact - a class as from the design point of view, as well as in technological aspect.

the compact has received the new engine with direct injection of fuel in volume of 1,3 l. It is informed that efficiency of the engine is raised at the expense of a combination of advanced double consecutive regulation of phases gazoraspredelenija (S - VT - Sequential Valve Timing), variable phases gazoraspredelenija and managements in height of lifting of valves. As assure of Mazda, thanks to harmonious work of the engine and 6 - a step automatic transmission the car can brag of fast and pleasant management. For movement in city boundaries as it is impossible by the way the new system " is necessary; Stop - start “ (SISS) which main plus is fuel consumption decrease at frequent stops of the car. The important moment - high ecological indicators Kiyora: Emission CO and #8322; at it makes nearby 90 g/ km.

according to the main designer European design - studios of Mazda of Peter Bertvisla, over creation of a modern language of forms of series Nagare experts worked two years, and Kiyora - the newest embodiment of this philosophy. On a plan of designers, the external shape kontsepta should remind a water drop. “ elements of a bearing skeleton are partially deduced on a surface of the car and became a cover part, - the leading designer on exterior Kiyora of Mikael Lojer marks. - Kiyora transfers fluidity and a water transparency “. The small sizes of the car and a low line of a roof provide small section of a body. As a result of variety of design shifts including creations special relief kuzovnyh lines (for improvement obtekaemosti bodies), the factor of aerodynamic resistance became on 10 % more low, than at Mazda 2 which, by the way, is longer Kiyora on 10 see

Doors and lateral windows kontsepta represent a uniform element and function together. Interior design also continues a theme of water elements. At landing in the car some passengers can have a sensation that they are at least in a bathyscaphe. “ thanks to various layers of the materials combined with forms and colour of an interior, the impression is made that you look in water space with its depths and driving forms “ - one of designers of interior Kiyora Luka Zollino speaks.

to One of the main counters of salon became new zhidkoplenochnyj IP - the display which is a certain similarity of the instrument panel with technology of the touch screen with osjazatelnoj feedback. By means of technology it is liquid ­ the film display at a touch to it there is an imitation water fluctuations. And when the car stops on a parking the display looks as if the stiffened ice, and at engine inclusion becomes similar to a water table. On the right party of the panel there is a special filter from the activated coal, through which air outside gets to salon in already cleared kind.

as a result of reconsideration of idea of small compartment Kiyora prodemonst ­ rirovala new type of the city car - “ a hub “ characterised by solicitous attitude to environment. As experts consider, on an example new kontsepta it is possible to present safely as will look city - penalties in ten years.

“ we work for many years forward “

the Correspondent daily NIKITA AFANASEV has had a talk with the main designer of the European centre scientifically - technical workings out of Mazda by PETER มEะายศัหฮฬ which has told about design kitchen of the company and about new kontsepte Kiyora.

- What structure of design divisions of Mazda?

- Mazda corporation has three design studios: North American branch of Mazda in Irvine (the State of California. - daily), the German centre in Frankfurt and Japanese design - studio in Iokogame. When the decision on release of new model between them there is a certain competition is made. Each studio offers the ideas on creation of an image of the new car then the decision on what of divisions will work further over release kontsepta is made.

- Work of studios duplicates each other?

- As a whole yes. So far as concerns release of serial models between design divisions there is a high competition. But sometimes, as in a case with our Parisian kontseptom Mazdas Kiyora, can arise exceptions. Over it kontseptom the European studio as it there was a special order of head office initially worked. If to take the American studio the direction of its work differs from European and Japanese design - the centres a little. However the cars initially created for the American market as, for example, off-road cars CX - 7 and CX - 9, leave in due course and on the European market.

- in BMW there is a division which is engaged in working out of design of cars which will appear in 12 years. This department of the future specialises in a direction so-called advance - design. And Mazda studios have similar problems?

- In Hiroshima Mazda have a laboratory of perspective workings out which is engaged in workings out of technologies of the future, and at creation kontseptov the future we, certainly, with them closely co-operate. At the same time I want to notice what to work over reserves for ten years forward - extremely a challenge as all constantly changes and now it is not known, what will be financially - economic conditions in the world in ten years. But I can declare absolutely precisely that kontsept Kiyora is a car of the future with innovative technologies, and its design will be actual and in 2020. Therefore I want to notice that our designers too work for many years forward.

Peter George Bertvisl was born on March, 7th, 1951 in Ridinge (Great Britain). After the termination of a course of automobile design in Royal art college (London), has begun the career as the designer in English division Vauxhall Motors Ltd. Luton (Opel/ General Motors). In 1977 has passed in Audi, and in 1984 - the m became the assistant to the main designer on an exterior in Porsche A. G. (Stuttgart, Germany). In October, 1988 has held a post of the senior designer of the European centre scientifically - technical workings out of Mazda, and since 2000 heads European design - Mazda studio.