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Metal and dollar

rescue from inflation

In September to save means from inflation which has made 0,8 %, the depersonalized metal accounts (OMS) and investments in dollars could, the data of the Center of macroeconomic researches (TSMEI) the companies " testifies; BDO Unikon . Thanks to a rise in prices for gold for 7,8 % purchasing capacity OMS in September has grown on 7,14 %. And from - for dollar exchange rate growth to rouble on 2,72 % real rouble profitableness of all dollar tools of savings was positive and has made from 1,9 to 2,47 %. And the maximum real rouble profitableness was shown by contributions to dollars.

profitableness of annual rouble contributions and deposits in September was in the European currency at level - 0,07 % and 0,12 % accordingly. However in annual calculation real rouble profitableness of bank deposits was on - former negative. So, deposits in the euros opened one year ago, have depreciated on 5,42 %, in roubles - on 5,88 %. Outsiders there were also deposits in dollars, real which rouble profitableness in annual calculation has made - 6,33 %, it is marked in the review BDO Unikon . Have not pleased also the price for the Moscow real estate which in September remained practically at former level, having increased all by 0,3 %. But thanks to growth of the American currency real rouble profitableness of investments into capital habitation nevertheless has made 2,23 %.

those who invested in securities Were the loser also. In September RTS index has fallen to 27,8 %. Real rouble profitableness of funds of bonds for September was in a range from - 52,28 % to - 1,43 %, and funds of the mixed investments - from - 37,73 to - 1,33 %. Only one fund of actions could show positive real rouble profitableness at a rate of 0,35 %, it is marked in the review.

Despite strengthening of positions of dollar experts yet do not recommend to shift all savings in this currency. as a dollar exchange rate to rouble volatilen and to predict dynamics for a year it is impossible, and rates under rouble contributions above, than under contributions to currency, therefore and defensible savings in roubles will be more clear, - the senior vice-president of IBRD Albert Zvezdochkin, - besides speaks, the majority of citizens of Russia get wages in roubles . According to the first zampredpravlenija Moskommertsbanka Lyudmilas Lebedevoj, the majority of investors now nevertheless adhere to conservative strategy of investment: Anything is more reliable than bank deposits in roubles today I can not offer . However all depends on individual strategy of investors. If investors are ready to diversify investments, having directed a part of means to more profitable and more risky tools, it is possible to get securities - the market at the bottom, it is a high time - Lyudmila Lebedev speaks.