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Michel Periren will retire

Instead of it the head of MDM - bank there is Igor Kuzin

the Chairman of the board of MDM - bank Michel Periren will leave the post. Instead of it the bank will be headed by Igor Kuzin who till yesterday held a post of preboard of bank DeltaKredit . Yesterday DeltaKredit officially declared transition g - on the Cousin for other work and appointment to its place of the senior vice-president of bank Sergey Ozerov.

yesterday a press - MDM service - bank has extended the decision of its board of directors: to appoint Igor Kuzina the chairman of the board and the chief executive of bank. official appointment g - on the Cousin in a post will occur after the coordination of its nominee in Bank of Russia - the press - MDM services - bank is underlined in the statement. A press - bank service DeltaKredit Also yesterday has extended an official statement that Igor Kuzin has left bank in connection with transition to a new place of work in this connection the board of directors of bank has made the decision to appoint the chairman of the board of senior vice-president Sergey Ozerov. According to Sergey Ozerov, the difficult situation in the financial market demands competent decisions and accurate work of all services of bank, but we are very assured of the forces and our shots .

we Will remind, in February, 2008 g - n Periren has declared to journalists that he does not intend to prolong the three-year contract from MDM - the bank which term expires in December: he motivated the decision with that in France on pension leave in 60 years, and to it already sixty four .

As the first executive vice-president RSPP Alexander Murychev has declared daily, for ten with superfluous years of work Michel Periren has brought the considerable contribution to development of our bank system in Russia. I think, after leaving from MDM - bank g - n Periren, most likely, will be engaged in consultation of large financial institutions, - Alexander Murychev has told. - its First roles already hardly interest, and here as the adviser or the adviser it still will work, passing on the experience to young bankers .