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Troevlastie in Jablonovke

Near Krasnodar the municipal conflict

Struggle for an armchair of the head of municipal union " is developed; Jablonovsky city settlement (the second-large settlement of Adygea, actually suburb of Krasnodar) becomes all more fiercely. The world court disqualifying selected head Timur Kalakutoka, and could not explain legal consequences of the decision. As a result, except g - on Kalakutoka, in Jablonovke there were two more heads.

administrative prosecution g - on Kalakutoka for unapproved dumps in the territory entrusted to it was initiated by the public prosecutor of Tahtamukajsky area Murat Thakushinov (the son of the head of republic of Aslan Thakushinova). Itself g - n Kalakutok considers that has got to disgrace from - for open appeals to unite with Kuban and judicial lawsuits for housing and communal services property. The first irritated the republican power, the second - regional. Economic interests - Jablonovka separated from Krasnodar (capital of Kuban) only the bridge, - too attractive investment platform became solving argument to eliminate g - on Kalakutoka, according to experts.

more two weeks ago the court has left g - well Kalakutoku only representation functions, and is administrative - economic under the charter its assistant should execute. A month before disqualification g - n Kalakutok has appointed and. An island of the assistant to protege Vladimir Karatayev, the trustee of the Union of Slavs of Adygea) to Relieve of a prefix and. Its island the competitive commission should. But one week prior to session in the relation g - on Karatayev criminal case for kindling international has been brought break a set. one and a half years ago in the newspaper Zakubane the poem " has been published; Be Russian! Novosibirsk author Evgenie Skvoreshneva, - has explained daily the SOUTH g - n Karatayev. - Me as the editor have accused that, using office position, I have published this text. But the poem does not appear in the list forbidden, before has been published in several editions . Considering wide publicity of the fact about criminal case, in the Union of Slavs of Adygea consider that thus someone wanted to affect the competitive commission.

except g - on Karatayev, competitors on a post of the assistant became seven more person. Among them - the director of Open Company Zenith Vasily Kovardan. In Open Company management Zenith there are those actives of housing and communal services for which had legal proceedings with area g - n Kalakutok. However, g - n Kovardan has not been admitted to competition - at the Kuban state agrarian university have not confirmed authenticity of the diploma presented to it.

as a result the commission which sat under supervision of Office of Public Prosecutor of Tahtamukajsky area, could not be defined with the winner. For g - on Karatayev two of five committee-men have voted only, and it continued to fulfil duties zama before following session. The next day in its office the head of department of fight against terrorism UBOP has welcomed with a search personally at Ministry of Internal Affairs RA Halid Bguashev. This very day searches of the house of Karatayev and office of the Union of Slavs of Adygea have been spent. And in it it is a high time session of deputies of local meeting has gathered and has selected head of administration Jablonovki the colleague - g - zhu Gavrilovu. How to leave a legal collision when at one MO three heads, yet do not know neither in court, nor in administration.

as it was possible to find out daily the SOUTH the question on power repartition in Jablonovke and criminal prosecution g - on Karatayev costs on control at the head of Republic Adygea. After a meeting with the chairman of the Union of Slavs of Adygea the deputy Nina Konovalovoj it has charged to settle a situation to prime minister Muratu Kumpilovu.