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Russia - our people

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus Has understood is not going to trade in friendship with Russia - the prime minister yesterday has tried to assure of it Russian - minister Vladimir Putin the Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko. In the rest negotiations have been deprived a reality.

formally Vladimir Putin flied to Minsk on the Allied summit. The basic themes of discussion were known: the credit, gas, trade relations, the atomic power station, joint air defence. Vladimir Putin has congratulated g - on Lukashenko on the last elections, having underlined that such is the decision of the people of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko has accepted a congratulation, having declared in turn: We Russia-West do not conduct the auctions. Russia - our people . Also has left.

further negotiations were conducted by the prime minister of Belarus Sergey Sidorsky who has begun with economy: The changed situation on which has rendered and influences a number of factors, including world financial crisis, placing of objects of the ABM of the USA in Europe, demands from two countries of the new co-ordinated actions in economic sphere . By words g - on Sidorsky in this connection it is necessary to discuss some question which will be in the near future - on November, 3rd - are submitted to consideration of the Higher state council of Union State.

all other planned themes by and large remained without a reality. A question under the credit in 2 mlrd dollars for which strongly hoped in Minsk, podvis in air: the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin has informed that all is good, but while the parties only in the course of the decision . The source daily in the Belarus government has explained that in a lobby the question stood simply: you to us a recognition of two republics - we to you the credit . For a long time the spread theme about creation of joint system of air defence also has not had development. The Minister of Defence of Belarus Leonid Maltsev has refused to specify terms of signing of the document: we Will sign and at once to you about it we will tell . The source daily in the Russian government has specified that the agreement on creation of regional system of air defence in territory of Belarus can be signed already during the current year.

Rose as well a question on creation of uniform currency of Russia and Belarus. would like to note interest in the further deepening of currency integration, including by means of creation of a currency pool and expansion of use of the Russian rouble in mutual calculations - Vladimir Putin has told. G - n Sidorsky did not object. if Belarus says that is ready to pass to rouble, means, Russia or has gone to it on serious concessions, or, on the contrary, has simply accurately presented with a fait accompli. - the Belarus economist and political scientist Stanislav Bogdankevich has declared daily. - On the one hand, it is loss of the Belarus sovereignty, however now Minsk has trading debts almost in 7 mlrd dollars, and transition to uniform rouble considerably will facilitate repayment of these debts .