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The USA lose the Near East

their place France

Head will occupy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kushner one of these days has visited the Near East where has made a number of startlers. Including the French minister declared that its country through the non-governmental organisations has begun semiofficial negotiations with movement HAMAS. This first open statement for any contacts of the European structures with the authorities in Sector of Gaza which representatives of EU traditionally branded as terrorists. The extending sphere of action of the French diplomacy in the Near East - from the organisation Syrian - the Israeli negotiations before settlement on the Palestinian question - throws down a challenge to exclusive influence in region USA. However unlike Washington which has had time to lose trust of many Near-Eastern elite and the people to the peace-making mission in region, Paris conducts here more pragmatic and a clever game. For Russia it is the disturbing call, after all until recently dissatisfied with a policy of Washington of force in the Near East tried to lean against Moscow. Now France can occupy its place.

in the Near East while it is difficult to name diplomacy of Paris successful and productive. Syria and Iran continue to feel mistrust to aspirations of France to play an intermediary role in complex regional settlement, and the Palestinian and Israeli authorities while have stood in expectation of that new to them can offer Paris in comparison with the American and Arabian peace initiatives which meanwhile have not brought any positive results.

however purposeful Frenchmen already start to beat Americans on Near-Eastern arena at once on several parametres. As Bernard Kushner has declared in a past week-end, France through the non-governmental organisations has begun semiofficial negotiations with movement HAMAS. In spite of the fact that, according to Kushner, Paris cannot have official relations with the terrorist organisations a public recognition of the fact of current negotiations - huge plus in a coin box of the French diplomacy. After all until recently the unique European power which is enjoying authority at hamasovtsev there was Russia. Movement HAMAS is the direct party of the Near-Eastern conflict and consequently any peace talks without it will revolve. In this sense France has good chances of making a competition to the American initiatives of settlement in region.

crisis in the American economy also plays into the hands of Frenchmen in the Near East. At that time while the USA together with other world solve how to rescue world financial and economic system from crash, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France on the West Bank of Jordan makes the statement concerning that current problems on the world scene should not distract attention of large powers from Near-Eastern settlement. from - for political changes in the USA, Israel and constant disagreements with Iran concerning its nuclear program all can forget about necessity of the further adjustment of peace process in the Near East - Kushner has carefully told. Such attention from Paris to problems in region against general indifference to them from other states, certainly, will add some more powerful points in a coin box of diplomacy of France.

Unlike the USA which interest to the Near East is caused first of all by their aspiration to establish economic and military domination all over the world, the French management directly is interested in that in region there have come silence and calmness. As the research assistant of sector of problems of social development of Europe of Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the expert in France Sergey Fedorov has noted in conversation with daily, it is connected first of all with realisation of the project of the Mediterranean union which started several months ago. As it is known, this union includes all countries adjoining on the Mediterranean pool, including such irreconcilable, apparently, opponents, as Israel, on the one hand, and Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian autonomy - with another. Presence of conflicts in territory of the Mediterranean union considerably complicates its functioning and finally threatens with its failure which becomes very powerful political blow on a present French management.

the world in the Near East will help France to solve a problem of excessive immigration from the region countries. Besides, within the limits of the Mediterranean union package deal in region will mean infrastructure perfection, creation of zones of free trade - differently, safety of variety of economic projects - has noted g - n Feodors.

Paris has good chances to achieve break in Near-Eastern settlement and thus to press influence of the USA in region. However for Moscow the triumphal exit of France on arena of the Near East will be a disturbing signal. After all until recently Russia played region a role alternative to destructive American strong-arm tactics. And now France applies for its place. In the conditions of occurrence of more pragmatic, rather than Americans, the influence in the Near East will be much more difficult to confirm players of Russia.