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Audi begins sales S4 and S4 Avant

has not passed also half a year after the beginning of official sales A4 as Audi has presented modifed sports versions of the most popular model in bodies a sedan and the versatile person. As always, cars have received in the name of letter S, and together with them and set of technical innovations. After BMW establishing on cars of system of an active full drive xDrive, Audi has hastened to improve the full drive quattro, having brought in it redistribution possibility in moment turns between back wheels. The engine 3 has been improved also. 0 TFSI, showing now profitability miracles.

Allegedly, new transmission quattro is capable to increase considerably stability of the car at passage S - figurative sites of roads. The active sports differential of new type is established near to usual and if necessary allows to increase by 10 % speed of rotation of this or that wheel. For example, at development insufficient povorachivaemosti the differential throws the moment on a back external wheel, twisting a car stern in turn. Simultaneously by means of an electrohydraulic drive the system is capable to remove the moment from other back wheel almost completely. The mechanics of the back bridge copes the high-speed computer which obtains the data from set of gauges in the car and activates sports differential of all for 100 ms. In a case if the driver too will be fond and, without having calculated force, will provoke the car to drift or a pulling down, business will be entered by electronic system of stabilisation. However, to outwit electronics on S4 it is much more difficult, than on 4 because the new car has received other razvesovku on axes.

In new transmission quattro the differential is located before a coupling basket that has given the chance to shift the engine on 154 mm back, having come nearer to ideal distribution of weight between forward and back axes. It is very important, as initially front-wheel configuration of the car assumed stronger congestion peredka and, as an invariable lack, propensity to a pulling down. Besides it sports shock-absorbers have allowed to lower a body on 200 mm, than have lowered the centre of gravity. The car has got the big stability in bends.

as the power block for sports S4 and S4 Avant has been chosen 3 - litre V - figurative unit TFSI. Letter T first can confuse, having made impression that the engine is equipped by a turbo-supercharging. However it not so. Instead of it in space between the disorganised cylinders the mechanical supercharger is placed. It was necessary to refuse more perfect turbine from - for abundances of the aluminium details which are in immediate proximity from the motor. From - for high working temperatures of the turbine they could lose rigidity. However use of a mechanical supercharger has the advantages. It more compact and is easier, and its compressors are capable to provide more confident draught on low turns of the engine, thanks to what 3. 0 TFSI capacity of 333 l. With. Has a maximum of a twisting moment of 440 Nanometers already at 2500 about./ the minute

At all thus to engineers of Audi was possible to make a miracle and to construct the supereconomic engine. In comparison with the predecessor of similar engine capacity 3. 0 TFSI consumes on 26 % of less fuel, or on 3,4 l it is less on a site of 100 km. In total car spends 9,7 l, and versatile person Avant - 9,9 l.

fortunately, it has not affected dynamic characteristics of cars. New sedan S4 is dispersed to 100 km/ ch for 5,1 with, and for this purpose it is required to versatile person S4 Avant 5,2 with. The maximum speed of both cars is limited by electronics and makes 250 km/ ch.