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Carbon table

Surface Table

Representatives of British design company Established and Sons have once again proved that innovative technologies can transform even the most ordinary thing into the present masterpiece. Two English designers - the expert in interior design of Terens Vudgejt and the designer of racing cars Formulas - 1 John Barnard, - using the advanced materials and space technologies, have created the unique table Surface Table which surface is made of a natural carbon fibre and has a thickness only 2 mm.

at first sight the table design is represented so fragile and weightless that can seem, as if Surface Table will break, if on it to put something more hard a cup of coffee. From outside the table-top practically is not visible, and at the observer the impression is made that over steel legs of a table there is absolutely nothing. However developers calm potential buyers - a plane from a carbon fibre much more strongly glass, plastic and a tree of the same thickness, and seeming fragility is deceptive - Surface Table is not especially decorative element of an interior.

being in times is more thin the most thin covering of the table existing till now, table-top Surface Table is capable to sustain the same loadings, as a standard piece of furniture on four legs. And considering that the most thin design has quite impressive dimensions - 4 m at length, 1 m at width (at height of a table of 75 sm), - its durability causes double surprise. The table has already been successfully announced at design festival in London, and the manufacturer plans to begin sales of an innovative subject of an interior shortly.