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NPF not to taciturn persons

their outflow from veba was slowed down

the Pension fund of Russia (PFR) has published the data on outflow taciturn persons from the state management company (GUK) - veba - in not state pension funds (NPF) and UK. According to PFR, statements for transfer of a memory part of pension for 11 months of this year have submitted over 1,5 million persons that in one and a half time more than for the similar period of last year. Traditionally most part of inflow has had on NPF. However participants of the market believe that results of pension campaign of this year will strongly not differ from last year`s when only transfer of the means from veba in NPF have declared over 1,8 million persons.

according to PFR, for December, 1st of the statement for transfer of a memory part of pension in NPF have submitted 1,3 million persons, whereas to campaign of last year taciturn persons chosen private pension funds, was 1,48 million persons. Inflow in UK in comparison with last year was sharply reduced: for 11 months of this year to translate the pension in UK have solved 22 thousand persons, and last year - 116,7 thousand persons.

we will notice that following the results of nine months the number of the citizens who have put in the statements for transfer of the pension accumulation from GUK in NPF and UK, has grown in 1,6 times in comparison with the similar period of last year and has made 820 thousand persons. Thus, rates of outflow taciturn persons from the state management company - veba - in October-November decrease, in spite of the fact that it is traditional in end of the year NPF involve much more clients, than in other months.

participants of the market are not surprised by such statistics and do not expect that this year NPF it will be possible to involve more clients, than in the past. already nobody predicts growth of statements taciturn persons to two millions. This indicator will be slightly more low - president NPF " speaks; The first national pension fund Vitaly Plotnikov. As he said, the first reason consists in crisis in which result the cores retail NPF have reduced the costs connected with sales, and, accordingly, sales. The second reason as has explained g - n Carpenters, is caused by that PFR has detained a summer tranche of payments for 2007. it was not clear, whether will list it as a result of PFR. The delay has made half a year, and projects retail NPF carry a long time of recovery of outlay - adds g - n Carpenters.

the president of Savings fund RESO Andrey Neverov also notices that variety NPF from - for financial crisis has lowered activity on attraction of citizens. I think that hardly indicators of campaign of 2008 will be exceeded by that were in 2007. most likely the number of statements following the results of this year will be up to standard of 1,6 million - believes g - n Neverov. Besides, he notices that crisis not only has influenced on NPF, but also has caused a difficult financial situation at the enterprises which as a result reduce employees. at funds which were guided on legal persons, technologies of work with clients in the given conditions cannot be applied, - Andrey Neverov marks. - funds with the big agency networks working through non-productive channels, very few, and scales of their work are not so wide to close falling of corporate sales .