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UK MDM changes the general director

In connection with possible correction of strategy

In UK MDM there was a next change of the general director. The general director of the company appoints Pavel Krapchitov who was operating director. The holding post of the general director of Arenas Apikjan will leave the company. The source close to the company, has informed daily that change of head of a management company is caused by MDM intention - bank to correct strategy of its development.

the source close to the company, has informed daily that leaving Arena Apikjana from a post of the general director is connected with intention of a management of MDM - bank to refuse a number of plans which were sounded earlier concerning the UK. We will remind that in July the former general director UK MDM Arenas Apikjan declared daily that UK MDM was intend to expand a ruler of products for retail investors for bolshej business diversifications. At that point in time more than 80 % of means under control of the company were necessary on a share of large private clients - informed Arenas Apikjan (see daily from 25. 07. 2008).

As the chairman of board of directors of MDM - bank Oleg Vjugin has declared, change of the general director in a management company will not cause essential change of strategy of development of business of the company. it is purely technical change of directors - has declared g - n Vjugin. However the source close to the company, asserts that strategy UK will be corrected nevertheless. growth of interest rates has lowered demand for risky share tools of type of shares of PIFS, - the interlocutor daily has explained. - the decision to correct a policy of the company concerning development of a segment of a retail " Therefore was accepted;. As he said, UK will concentrate on increase of overall performance with existing clients, instead of on attraction of the new. Therefore the sales - the manager became the head of the company operating actives, instead of. Also, according to the source, in the near future UK MDM will concentrate on attraction of large private clients.

Eks - general director UK MDM Arenas Apikjan comments has refused, and Pavel Krapchitov on Friday was inaccessible.

we will notice that for the last half a year is the second change of the general director in UK MDM . In July of Arenas Apikjan has replaced on a post of head UK MDM Pavel Natalicha who, in turn, has passed in company Millhouse operating actives of Roman Abramovich. The sources close to UK, also connected leaving g - on Natalicha including with different vision of strategy of development in it and at MDM management - bank.

under control of UK MDM there are four opened PIFS. According to Investfunds, SCHA retail funds in the end of December has made 177 million rbl. (in July SCHA funds made 354 million rbl.).