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To rescue Kim Jong II

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has informed on prevention of attempt at the leader

In the end of the past week in Northern Korea ostensibly attempt at the head of the country Kim Jong II has been prevented. On it has informed North Korean state agency TSTAK referring to the representative of the Ministry of public safety. According to the last, attempt has been organised by South Korean special services. Whether ostensibly security service of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has detained recently the North Korean citizen on a surname, enlisted by South Koreans and received the task to poison Kim Jong II. South Korea denies all.

the North Korea accuses Southern that to Kim Jong II the special agent for carrying out " has been sent; terrorist mission . Not named representative of the Ministry of public safety of the North Korea has declared that the arrested agent was trained in South Korean special services on purpose to harm to the Supreme leader . About what state of health of the North Korean leader, in the ministry have not specified. On Friday Seoul has refuted statements of Pyongyang.

we will notice that since August hearings about a serious illness of the North Korean leader and even its possible death persistently circulate. Hearings have arisen because Kim Jong II has ceased to appear on public. According to special services of the USA and South Korea, in the end of summer he has had a stroke. The North Korean authorities always named similar messages gamble . On Wednesday and Thursday on channels of the state mass-media the photos proving that Kim Jong II on - former in a system have been extended. Judging by a photo, the leader of the country visited electronic laboratory, library and pharmaceutical factory in a city of Kanggye. And on Friday and at all steelmaking factory in the north of the country, near to border with China. However, reliability of officially extended pictures of the leader of the North Korea constantly called in question both journalists, and special services. Thus, observers consider that to the authorities of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea simply does not remain anything other how to invent story with attempts as all other attempts to suppress the fact of absence of Kim Jong II on public have failed.

according to the vice-president of the Center of political technologies Alexey Makarkina, the North Korean elite is disturbed future and consequently gives to the whole world a signal: do not interfere, ourselves will understand with the political problems. And this elite yet has not solved a question with the successor of the present leader. during lifetime of the father Kim Jong II took a considerable part of supervising powers on itself. First of all it became the person in army, having held a post of the commander-in-chief armed forces. For such modes it has basic value. In a present situation the conventional successor is absent, and the key question who supervises army, remains opened, therefore and there are similar detective stories .