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Heart attack

In the North Ossetia struggle for the decapitated capital

by the Decision of the Supreme court of the North Ossetia gorduma Vladikavkaz was developed is recognised by illegitimate. Thus, the republican capital after executive power (mayor Vitaly Karaev on November, 26th is killed) has lost also the legislative. In Vladikavkaz the republican government - how while it is not clear urged to fill imperious vacuum. The anarchy in a city will be tightened at least till March, will not be selected yet new gorduma (only it has the right to employ city - the manager in the name of the mayor). However elections can be removed for later term from - for struggle for control over capital between the head of the North Ossetia Tajmurazom Mamsurovym and the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation popular in republic Arsene Fadzaevym. Fight for gordumu Vladikavkaz between Arsene Fadzaevym and the republican power was developed long before murder of mayor Vitaly Karaeva. Real chance to take reins of government in hand at a new command g - on Fadzaeva (12 deputies from 32) has appeared after the protege of the republican power Kazbek Pagiev has left a post of the speaker gordumy (September, 2008).

If not the message on the bomb put in a building, prer - vavshee session gordumy on November, 11th, to a new command it would be possible to select the speaker - at that point in time it had a majority of votes. For those hour - ones and a half while the police squad vainly searched for a bomb, 15 deputies from an old command have decided to combine powers and have left a hall. The selected 17 voices Igor Kasabiev and has not been recognised by the legitimate speaker.

Gorduma where remains less than two thirds of deputy case, has appeared any decisions regarding the order financial streams of a city have not the right to make. from this situation was two exits - to appoint by-election or to recognise gordumu as illegitimate, - has explained weekly the South not taken place speaker Igor Kasabiev. - the Republican authorities have decided to go on the second way. We are assured that they will try to re-elect a thought entirely, differently the demarche of our colleagues was senseless .

In what kind will pass elections in gordumu Vladikavkaz (March, 2008) - whether there will be it by-election on those to 16 sites where deputies have combined powers, or the deputy case will be re-elected entirely, - while it is not known. In the government and republic parliament weekly the South this question could not answer.

the Supreme court of the North Ossetia has partially satisfied the claim of city election committee, recognising gordumu as illegitimate as a whole. However to recognise illegitimate the remained structure of the deputy case the court has rejected the requirement. from this decision follows that by-election should be appointed, - has explained weekly the South Yury Fidarov, the assistant to deputy Arsene Fadzaeva. - However there is data that the republican power will try to appoint elections on partspiskam .

One of deputies of republican parliament has confirmed weekly the South that the question on that new elections in capital gordumu passed exclusively on partspiskam is now studied. At a new command actually there are no chances in them to get. absolutely clearly, in this case only proteges of the republican power there will get, - the deputy has explained. - and gorduma Vladikavkaz becomes completely under control .

Till March in capital the government of the North Ossetia urged to fill vacuum of the power. According to some information, at first deputies of republican parliament tried to give of the power in charge Tajmuraza Mamsurova, but have then refused this idea. till March of a duty of the mayor will execute the first zam Majran Tamaev, and the republic government will assist only in distribution of budgetary funds - has declared g - n Mamsurov. What particularly budgetary powers will depart to the republican government, not clearly. we yet have not incurred these functions - the parliament has sent the offers, but the official decision while is not present - have explained weekly the South in administration of the head of republic.