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The Tatar company

Army divide to a national sign

In the Orenburg and Samara areas there will be companies where recruits from Tatarii will serve only. Thus the republic management tries to protect them from dedovshchiny. According to experts, also recruits of other nationalities separately will want to serve. If Moscow goes on it and will not put things in order with interethnic conflicts in Armed forces, they will break up on some “ national “ armies.

the decision on creation “ national Tatar parts “ it was accepted a management of Tatarii and the Ministry of Defence of Russia as experiment to prevent dedovshchinu between barracks zemljachestvami. According to the military commissioner Tatarii Sergey Pogodin, first two Tatar companies will be created in the Orenburg and Samara areas. The commissioner has noticed that such decision was accepted after a trip of legal experts and parents of soldiers to Totsky garrison. The day before the recruit from Tatarii therefrom has run away. The young man was in a military registration and enlistment office and has declared that wants to serve in army, but do not intend to bear humiliation with old-timers. As he said, Tatars in a part offend, beat and force to perform for others economic works. “ the army creates very bad precedent, - the president of Academy of geopolitical problems ­ Leonid Ivashov considers­. - Daghestanis will ask, and why they cannot separately serve. Then and among Daghestanis stratification will begin, and the companies will already want Lezghins, avartsy and other “.

the Problem dedovshchiny to a national sign has become aggravated against scale reform of the Armed forces which unpopularity grows in process of crisis development on a labour market. Thus if the Tatar recruits will translate in the isolated division than to occupy 200 thousand dismissed officers, ensigns and generals, the authorities yet do not know. Past Friday against growth of discontent of the officer case of the Minister of Defence has decided to pay unprecedented on the sizes of indemnification to families of military men, victims or wounded men during war in South Ossetia. According to the deputy minister of defence of general Nikolay Pankova, the sum, equivalent 100 thousand dollars, and to families ­ of wounded men - 30 thousand dollars have been listed families of victims­. We will remind, by estimations of the Joint Staff, loss of the Russian army in the war in Georgia have made 74 persons victims and 171 wounded men. “ probably, we at last depart from positions of the Soviet army where life of the soldier cost nothing, - the head of the Center of military forecasting Anatoly Tsyganok has assumed. - but prosecution of certain symbolical purposes is possible also. When hundred thousand officers and ensigns are going to fill up a cohort of the unemployed, reform of the Minister of Defence is perceived in bayonets. Worthy indemnifications to families the victim smooth a negative " a little;.