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To car industry have given acceleration

on its rescue in 2009 it will be spent 173 mlrd roubles

Prime minister Vladimir Putin has presented a series of measures on support of motor industry of Russia. He has promised to allocate for the aid to branch of means which will go on preferential credit programs for buyers of domestic cars, on increase in state purchases and credits to the leasing companies, and also on free transportation of cars to the Far East. In the sum on these purposes it will be directed 173 mlrd rbl. As the minister of the industry Victor Khristenko considers, to hold on to car industry it is necessary to the middle of 2010.

Vladimir Putin has made the statements in Naberezhnye Chelny - on KamAZe which conveyor now costs. In its opinion, a principal cause of difficulties of car industry - sharp falling of demand, and government action should be directed on restoration of consumer activity.

Since January it is planned to start the program of preferential crediting for purchase of domestic cars. The state intends to subsidise interest rates under credits at a rate of two thirds of rate of refinancing of Bank of Russia (now it makes 12 %). As Victor Khristenko has added, citizens can take the preferential autocredit for the sum to 350 thousand rbl. on purchase of the Russian cars for a period of three years.

and though, according to Vladimir Putin, the Russian factories of foreign autoconcerns are high-grade home producers he recognised that this scheme is directed on support the Autovase. Factory zataren: the general director the Autovase Boris Alyoshin has counted up that by the end of the year in factory warehouses there will be 125 thousand cars. In Minpromtorge have considered that the program of preferential crediting will manage to the federal budget in 6 mlrd rbl. and will mention 150 thousand persons. It will operate only in 2009. To the middle of 2010 the market again will revive, consider in Minpromtorge.

According to the head of association the Russian automobile dealers Dmitry Gulina, introduction of preferential crediting for domestic cars will lead to demand redistribution in their advantage. now the credit rate in roubles makes about 20 %, its decrease on 8 %, it is unconditional, essential - he speaks. it is good that foreign cars of the Russian assemblage also are equal to domestic cars - considers the vice-president of board of group GAS Elena Matveeva. According to the director for public relations Sollers of Zoe Kaiki, revival of consumer crediting will solve a key problem - demand falling.

and Vladimir Putin has answered protests of inhabitants of the Far East against increase of duties on second-hand cars. He has informed that the government will compensate cost of delivery to the Far East of the cars made in Russia. According to Putin, cost of cars Lada in the Far East seriously increases from - for transport costs as transportation of one car costs from 43 thousand to 70 thousand rbl. As the head of department of motor industry Minpromtorga Alexey Rakhmanov has noted, low demand in the Far East on new foreign cars is caused not only availability of second-hand Japanese cars, but also that transportation of cars by rail in region is complicated, and autocarts and is at all impossible.

Besides, for stimulation of sales of domestic commercial technics the state will open to the leasing companies demand lines of credit in volume to 43 mlrd rbl. Thus term of credits will make till three years, and the rate on them will not exceed the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank. According to Zoe Kaiki, now the leasing companies receive money at the best under 18-19 % annual and the effective rate for lizingopoluchatelja makes 25 %. As a result of state crediting this rate can be reduced to 20 %.

state purchases become the Key mechanism of support of car industry. It will help to return sale not only to manufacturers of cars, but also such car factories, as KamAZ. According to Vladimir Putin, the government will in addition allocate 12,5 mlrd rbl. for increase in state purchases, and the total amount of the allocated means will grow to 27,5 mlrd rbl. Besides, the prime minister has suggested to develop the program of updating of park of public transport in volume 30 mlrd rbl.

To motor-car manufacturers the state will help to place bonds for the sum to 60 mlrd rbl. in 2009. For increase of appeal of these papers under them state guarantees will be given. For the banks which have redeemed these bonds, it is planned to open refinancing from the Central Bank. According to Elena Matveevoj, state guarantees under credits will allow the company to renew already existing demand lines of credit.

As Andrey Klepach has informed the deputy minister of economic development, support total amount No Vladimir Putin will make 173 mlrd rbl. has not excluded acceptance of additional measures for support of the Russian car industry. if it is required, the big means " will be allocated also; - he has told.

we will notice that measures on car industry rescue remained the underestimated investors. On Friday of the action the Autovase have grown in the price only on 2,68 %, papers Sollers have decreased on 0,94 %, KamAZa - on 0,21 %.