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Kuban in game

For the first time the Krasnodar part Azov - City profile investors

On Saturday department of investments of Krasnodar territory have become interested has informed on results of the sixth competition on the right of rent of sites in the Kuban part Azov - City . Experts consider its as most successful of spent earlier: five companies became tenants of seven of twelve sites exposed on competition. At least four investors profile, and two - from Moscow. According to experts, the Kuban part of a gambling zone was obviously done good by refusal of the regional authorities of rigid requirements to investors.

on Friday the sixth competition on the right of rent of sites in the Kuban part " has taken place; Azov - City and on Saturday the regional department of investments declared results. This time the administration of Krasnodar territory has exposed ten sites (from 1,9 to 3 hectares) for building of hotels and complexes of gambling institutions and two sites (5,2 and 10 hectares) for building of aquaparks and thematic parks.

seven of twelve prizes have received tenants - the Moscow Open Companies Korston Development and Open Company Saturnius the Krasnodar Open Companies the Olympus and Open Company Visa MK and also Open Company Business - Konsalt (Armavir, Krasnodar territory). In department have not specified, what company has received what sites. A press - the secretary of department Tatyana Markova has told only that three sites did not take anybody.

from five investors at least four profile also are familiar interrogated weekly the South to participants of the market. Korston Development enters into a group of companies Korston which operates two hotels and a casino in Moscow and Kazan. President GK Anatoly Kuznetsov declared earlier intentions to invest in Azov - City and even carried on negotiations with officials of regional and regional administrations. According to department of investments of edge, at the first stage Korston planned to construct hotel on 200 numbers and a casino on 50 tables and 600 automatic machines.

Open Company Saturnius on 49 % belongs to the Moscow Open Company Fair game (the data SPARK). Fair playing - a known group of companies on the organisation of gamblings and manufacture of slot machines. The basic divisions - Open Company Fer Pej Open Company Capital Open Company the Gold legion . Founders of the head company are in equal shares, according to EGRJUL, Andrey Kraskov, Marina Ladogina, Alexander Lenkov, Sergey Pilinsky. Last also the vice-president of Association of figures of a gaming (Moscow), a script writer and the film producer.

Visa MK - large enough to regional measures the Krasnodar operator. Its gain in 2007 has made 40 million rbl., net profit - 11 million rbl. (the data SPARK). In connection with FZ About a gaming Visa MK recently cunningly from the market, but experience at it good - has told weekly the South the chief executive of the Kuban association of development of a gaming George Borodin.

Krasnodar the Olympus according to the director of Regional association of figures of a gaming in JUFO Nikolay Oganezova, also the operator of a gaming. In Krasnodar there is only one company with such name, which field of activity the organisation of gamblings. It is registered to one address and has one head from Open Company the Cedar and Open Company Dvina (working out of open-cast mines, extraction of plaster, a chalk and gravel). All these companies are created by physical persons in the middle of 2006.

The Most mysterious is Business - Konsalt . George Borodin knows that she has declared volume of investments 6 mlrd rbl., has thus received one site. Such sum does the Armavir company by the largest investor Azov - City . It is created in the summer of 2007 by the physical person. Nikolay Oganezov assumes that BK affilirovana with the large operator of a gaming who yet does not want to shine the interest to Azov - City .

In comparison with other auctions, and sometimes they were cancelled in view of absence of participants, these for Kuban the great advance, - considers g - n Oganezov. Is it is connected first of all by that the edge has removed terms of input of objects in operation since July, 1st, 2009 (a condition of first four competitions, for delay rigid penal sanctions) for July, 1st, 2011 " were provided;.

Experts notice that for the first time profile investors have become interested in the Kuban part of a zone. Earlier the edge had only one operator - Open Company Rojal the Time (Kazan) which has won three sites the area of 2-3 hectares. One more site in 18,5 hectares was rented by structure avstrijsko - American ASATI - the manufacturer of compressed-air supported designs, and five sites on 2-3 hectares has received Krasnodar Open Company Kubanneft the project - the designer and the builder of an engineering infrastructure.