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Metallurgists in free falling

steel world production in November has decreased on 19 %

Steel industry following the results of 2008 for the first time for ten years can show manufacture decrease on a global scale. A second month successively branch shows frightening negative dynamics of manufacture, and in November and there was at all a collapse - steel release was reduced almost to 20 %. The greatest recession is fixed in the CIS countries - on 43,1 %.

According to the International steel association (World Steel Association, were IISI), published last week, in November, 2008 steel world production has made 89,042 million t that on 19 % it is less, than in November, 2007, and on 11 % it is less, than in October, 2008. Steel manufacture has fallen in all without an exception regions: In Asia - on 11,4 %, in the North America - on 30,4 %, in the South America - on 17,8 %, in the CIS - on 43,2 %, in EU - on 24,8 %, in other Europe - on 16,1 %. the Steel world endured considerable curtailments of production and earlier - for example, for short term after the Second World War termination. Dynamics of manufacture of this year yet so is pessimistic - we, even despite a collapse in November, we hope that following the results of a year the branch nevertheless will show the minimum growth - representative World Steel Nicolas Uolters has told daily. It is necessary to notice that following the results of 11 months 2008 world production has grown on 0,9 %, to 1,22 mlrd t.

Rates of falling in various regions strongly enough differ: in the USA manufacture has fallen in November already to 38,4 %, to 5,054 million t, the European steelmakers have shown decrease on 24 %, to 13,01 million t. According to the representative of the European association of manufacturers of steel Eurofer Gordon Moffata, besides reduction in demand metallurgists should solve and the problems connected with issue of carbonic gas. According to Eurocommission instructions, local steelmakers should reduce issue CO2 to 50 % by 2020 that compels metallurgists to be engaged in expensive research and development in the conditions of falling of manufacture of a steel and a strong competition.

in Asia business are where better: China on which it is necessary more third of world production, in November has lowered steel release on 12,4 %, to 35,189 million t. As a whole the Asian countries have made in October of 54,056 million t steels (- 11,4 % by November, 2007). Japanese manufacture has decreased on 12,9 %, to 8,81 million t. South Korean manufacturers have reduced manufacture to 9 %. India - the unique large manufacturer who has managed to increase steel manufacture by 1,9 %, to 4,65 million t. In India demand for a steel has remained, manufacture " therefore grows; - Nicolas Uolters speaks. However, in comparison with October, rates of increase nevertheless decrease. The Indian mass-media accuse of it importers. To protect home market, the Indian authorities threaten to enter antidumping duties concerning manufacturers of a steel from 14 countries, including Russia.

the region CIS in November again has shown failure results: steel manufacture has fallen to 43,1 %, to 5,7 million t. Worst of all it was necessary to steelmakers of Kazakhstan - local manufacturers have lowered manufacture on 58,5 %, to 165 thousand t. The Ukrainian metallurgists too do not have reasons for pleasure - they have reduced release became almost on 55 %, to 1,59 million t. Following the results of 11 months metallurgical manufacture in this country was reduced to 10,3 %, to 35,076 million t. Steel manufacture in Russia in November has fallen to 36,5 %, to 3,731 million t, and for 11 months 2008 decrease has made 1,3 %, to 65,2 million t.