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The brand which has hung in mid-air

New year Aeroflot - Don will meet under an old trade mark

Till now terms and conditions of a rebrending of airline " are not defined; Aeroflot - Don - daughters Aeroflot - the Russian airlines . The end of it and the uncertain period of next year the Rostov air carrier will carry a prefix Aeroflot . As experts mark, the rebrending and first of all promotion of a new trade mark can demand from half a year till three years and most likely will be postponed till the best times.

Aeroflot - Don will finish this year under a brand Aeroflot the general director of airline Michael Kritsky has informed. As he said, definitively generated approach to refusal of a trade mark Aeroflot no. All should be verified, and after additional monitoring the decision " will be accepted; - he has added. Terms of the beginning of a rebrending g - n Kritsky has preferred to hold back, from what follows that at least in the first quarter 2009 the Don airline will work under a former brand.

we will remind, in an early autumn Aeroflot has made the decision on use termination by the affiliated structures - the companies Aeroflot - Don and Aeroflot - the North - a trade mark Aeroflot . Thus, the federal air carrier tried to protect the brand. From the name Aeroflot - Don the part concerning the parent company should leave. In September representatives Aeroflot have specified that the brand of the Don air carrier should not differ from its former name strongly.

now, after the lapse of four months after the statement for a rebrending, the situation on - former is not clear. According to the chief a press - services Aeroflot Irinas Danenberg, from the plans on mark change Aeroflot - Don the parent airline is not going to refuse, but when the final decision will be accepted, has not informed.

according to the general director of the company Infomost Boris Rybaka, on a rebrending of regional airline, such as Aeroflot - Don can leave from two till three years. to replace a brand, it is necessary to recolour all planes (in an aircraft depot Aeroflot - Don 20 cars. - weekly the south ) To reconstruct the scheme of work with agencies, to advance new mark and so forth On these purposes it is required from 1,5 million euro - he speaks.

an analyst Ingosstrah - Investments Evgenie Shago believes that only brand change can manage the companies more than in 1 million dollars under a condition if the company is a monopolist in the market or has very serious positions. but at Aeroflot - Don it is a lot of competitors that increases cost of promotion of a new trade mark - he has added.

in opinion a press - secretary Sky Express Vitaly Korenjugina, during crisis when at the majority of airlines the gain and a volume of passenger traffic fall, change of a brand demands too big financial injections and consequently is economically inefficient (next year Aeroflot - Don counts on a volume of passenger traffic at level of this year - an order of 1,3 million persons, thus in November the volume of passenger traffic has fallen more than to 20 %). Evgenie Shago does not exclude that the parent company can postpone a rebrending of the daughter till the best times.