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Clan of talents

In Russian museum have collected the whole generation of artists of Makovskys

the Unique exhibition of works of four generations of the artists united in a clan by not so corporate interests or stylistic receptions, and most that on is the consanguinity which has fostered as a result one of the strongest brands in Russian fine arts, has opened in Benua`s Case of the State Russian museum.

curators with company NOVATEK support have done enormous work: have weaved from set scattered on museums and private collections of works of Makovskys a uniform motley cloth, meticulously having included in it as sign works of brothers - the peredvizhniki Konstantin and Vladimir, entering into all anthologies of a XIX-th century, and little-known sketches and sketches of their descendants, well-known only to experts.

Egor Makovsky - the bookkeeper by a trade and the painter on calling was the ancestor of a dynasty. The atmosphere of creativity reigning in the house, became the base to loud success of his sons: Konstantin and Vladimir, appeared as a result on the different parties art - the barricades erected in second half of a XIX-th century between academic and realistic directions of the Russian art.

not alien to a conjuncture, in particular salonnoj painting, Konstantin Makovsky has got a condition effective portraits of aristocrats, officials, merchants - those whom in the XX-th century we have got used to name a word establishment . Curious for Nikasa Safronov the recognition made Konstantin Makovsky in the evening of life can seem: I have not earthed the God of the given talent, but did not use it in that measure in which could. I too loved life, and it prevented to be given entirely to me to art .

It is natural that in eternity Konstantin Makovsky has provided a name to itself not with portraits of the mighty of this world, let and shining, and quite to itself noncommercial works Children running from a thunder-storm and Dmitry Samozvantsa`s Agents kill Feodor Godunov . His brother Vladimir if was not to Konstantin the antagonist in personal relations and a letter manner on subjects of works, it is difficult to objects of interest to find so not artists similar against each other. Sketches from courts, jails, images of peasants and raznochintsev have provided much more bolshee attention of official art in the Soviet Russia to Makovsky - to a socialist, rather than to its court brother.

a cloth Appointment (mother - the peasant with pity looks on given in people the son, stuck teeth in a roll) causes genetic associations with Vankoj Chekhov.

Makovsky`s following generation has proved in a sculpture, architecture, an iconography. In joint account eleven talented person for Russian art! Unique, not having analogues in the world an example - Vladimir Albertovich Smirnov, the vice-president of board of Open Society " speaks; NOVATEK the companies with which financial support Russian museum could realise so scale project.

that the nature, contrary to a widespread saying, has not a rest at all on descendants, and bears certain a talent gene through generations, it is possible to be convinced, having come on an exhibition Makovsky`s Family in Russian museum.