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congress of the Union of cinematographers of Russia

the congress which has Passed in Moscow of the Union of cinematographers Has ended, as well as supposed, has come to the end with scandal. Instead of Nikita Mikhalkov, refused to recognise congress legitimate, the chairman the veteran of the Russian cinema of Marlene Hutsiev has been selected, and Dmitry Meshiev heading branch of the union in St.-Petersburg became its assistant. Also the letter of young cinematographers was one of the hottest questions of congress. At once 65 persons among whom Alexey Popogrebsky, Chulpan Hamatova, Alexey Herman, have asked to accept all list them in members of the union and to begin reform of all structure as a whole.

The Question on legitimacy of congress has risen in the first day of its carrying out when the reference of director Vladimir Naumov and actor Vasily Livanov that on session of Guild of film directors of the country where delegates on congress got out, have not called on December, 4th, 2008 the majority of visible cinematographers has been read. But congress nevertheless has decided to consider itself legitimate and to choose a new management. Nikita Mikhalkov and itself planned to leave the post, and as worthy alternative considered Michael Porechenkova. But as a result of disputes on legitimacy almost all candidates (Michael Porechenkov, Karen Shakhnazarov, Vadim Abdrashitov and others) have removed the nominees, and Mikhalkov has declared to journalists that it congress of Liliputians also has refused to read the paper.

but nevertheless the new management has been selected. Marlene Hutsiev has informed that he does not intend to disclose any special program of actions yet, but considers that union problems cannot be solved without state participation. That will be further while not clearly, after all cinematographers already have one official prevention from the Ministry of Justice (that interesting - for a tightening of carrying out of present congress) and if one more a judgement the union in general can be liquidated arrives. Already today the new management of the union intends to give the first a press - conference.

at the same time and young do not intend to surrender - as Alexey Herman while to them have refused has informed daily, but they hope that in the near future in the union all of them will accept. in this list professionals really working at cinema, directors, producers, actors are presented, there can not be an Union of the cinematographers, many of which members do not work for a long time at cinema, - he has told. - We the reference want to help the union, it is necessary to stop present monstrous split, differently the union will simply disappear, and today when clearly that the economic crisis has mentioned all branch, to destroy the organisation which could become an industry megaphone, is a madness .