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the Locomotive zareksja from Sumy

the Rostov basketball players ahead of schedule left in plej - off Euro cup

Rostov the Locomotive has beaten within the limits of the European Cup of a call an Ukrainian Sumyhimprom (city of Sumy) and for two rounds before the termination of a group stage has provided to itself an exit in plej - off. In new year Loko will play with French SHole for the first place in group which can facilitate a way on a tournament grid. As before railwaymen it is necessary to win a problem a cup.

in the Ukrainian Sumy the fourth match of a group stage of the Cup of call FIBA (Federation International of Basketball Associations) between local " has taken place; Sumyhimpromom and Rostov the Locomotive . Railwaymen have won an uneasy victory with the account 89:84 and have kept a pure second place in group S

the Best in structure Loko Became the American defender Frederik the House and young attacking Maxim Krivosheev. The first has typed 26 points and there was the most productive player in a match, the second - 17 points. Krivosheyev who has left on replacement in the middle of the third quarter when rostovchane lost seven points, has changed a match course. It has typed eight points for three minutes and has organised jerk of the command 17:2 - rostovchane have come forward and till the end of a match have not allowed sumchanam to catch up with itself.

at Loko there were three victories at one defeat, and at going on the third place Sumyhimproma - one victory and three defeats. Thus, the Rostov club for two matches before the termination of a group stage has provided to itself an exit in plej - off Euro cup. Even if he will lose two remained matches, and the Ukrainian command will win the, Loko remains to the second by results of personal meetings with sumchanami which it has beaten twice (in November in Rostov with the devastating account 99:72).

A call Cup - the third on imposing appearance the European basketball tournament after Euroleague and the Cup of Europe. The general director the Locomotive Andrey Vedishchev considers that a word the third does not belittle its importance. the present Cup of a call is much stronger on structure of participants, than a last year`s Cup of Europe, in it many strong clubs - Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish. It is the prestigious tournament which finalists acquire the right to play a following season of the Cup of Europe - he has told weekly the South .

the Following match of a cup the Locomotive will spend in Rostov on January, 6th against the leader of group - French SHole (goes without defeats). Last duel of a group stage railwaymen play also houses: on January, 13th against the outsider - Swiss Benetton (has lost all four matches). With SHole We will play for the first place, it for us not essentially though it is desirable as will allow to avoid at an early stage plej - off a duel with strong Spaniards, Italians, Frenchmen - admitted

g - n Vedishchev.

It does not hide that before club the problem - a maximum is put - to win a cup. As he said, to make the way in the Cup of Europe through the championship of Russia it is more difficult. from Russia last year in the European tournament second for force there were four clubs, in they are five. But the structure of the Russian superleague is so strong that through a call Cup to pass in the Cup of Europe, probably, easier - he considers.

a match with SHole the Locomotive will play, most likely, not in a complex the Express train which is very limited on capacity (a maximum of 1,5 thousand spectators) and whenever possible teletranslation, and in the Ice palace of sports. This year it was specially redeemed at Federation of independent trade unions by administration of the Rostov region, has got a parquet, boards, the electronic equipment and conducts there repair. to us promised that with SHole we can play in sports Palace - Andrey Vedishchev speaks.