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Ivan Savvidi has left on two third

Instead of 7 million dollars it will give Rostov SKA only 2 million

Group the Agroclod three years sponsoring football club SKA - Rostov in a new season cuts down its financing from 7 million to 2 million dollars Fill up the club budget other sponsors can only - they are searched by Severo - the Caucasian military district (SKVO) to which posess club. For ten years the legendary club except mister Savvidi had only one sponsor. If will not appear new with the budget in 2 million dollars it most likely will take off for the second league, experts consider.

the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the founder of versatile agroindustrial holding Group the Agroclod Ivan Savvidi reduces financing of football club of the first league SKA - Rostov which he heads as the president. the company which sponsored last years SKA ( the Agroclod . -), next year can allocate to club about 2 million dollars In general - that a guarantee have transferred to 3 million dollars, but such sum is improbable - has told weekly the South Ivan Savvidi.

the club Budget in the come to the end season has made, as he said, about 7 million dollars: Despite decrease in our possibilities, we do not act in film from competitions, the spadework passes according to regulations. Within a year, probably, other sources of financing will be found. It is not excluded that we will sell any football players. We will undertake everything not to take off for the second league .

By words g - on Savvidi, Severo - the Caucasian military district is engaged in searches of new sponsors, but is how much successful, he does not know. The chief of Sports club of army SKVO (is 100 - the percentage owner of Joint-Stock Company FK SKA - Rostov-on-Don To which posesses club, its stadium and base) colonel Nikolay Zubchenko has refused yesterday comments, having referred to employment.

military men do not differ ability to carry on negotiations with business. More than for ten years at SKA there was only one sponsor besides g - on Savvidi. In 1998 when the club which won the Cup of the USSR and where Victor Ponedelnik played, has lost the professional status and acted in championship JUFO, the Rostov businessman Valery Arzhanoj has come to it. Under its management the command at first left in the second league of the championship of Russia, and in 2003 - in the first league. But in the spring 2004 - go g - n Arzhanoj has stopped to sponsor club, and SKA has again taken off for the second battalion, and in 2005 - the m was close to what again to become amateur.

in the winter of 2006 Ivan Savvidi has come to the well-known club. He has achieved at once an outstanding success - rostovchane left in the first league. In seasons of 2007-2008 SKA acted in the first battalion and it has managed to be kept in it. However, both times it was close to a departure zone. Now Ivan Savvidi goes in the footsteps of Valery Arzhanogo. He does not refuse club absolutely, but at the budget in 2 million dollars a command degradation inevitably waits.

SKA SKVO invariably had contradictions with sponsors. Arzhanoj and Savvidi wanted to receive base of club in the property or long-term rent and to rent stadium what to them invariably refused. They did not have any possibility to earn on club.

money solves not all, but 2 million dollars can not suffice on being kept in the first league, - chief executive FK " considers; Anzhi Said Abdullaev. - is minimum necessary sum are 3 million dollars - at such budget it is possible even to get to ten. Much will depend on football players. If to pick up young players, on - sports malicious and hungry to victories which besides receive it is a little, the result can be good .