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the Galaxy has extended

For 2 million euro

recently started dairy factory the Galaxy plans to begin manufacture of drinking yoghurts under mark of Gatchina dairy factory the Big mug . The planned volume of output will make 250 t in a month with prospect of increase to 500-600 t by the end of 2009. Investments into the additional equipment have made 2,3 million euro. Besides, the company at last has opened structure of proprietors of factory.

the new product will be issued in packing Tetra Top of manufacture of company Tetra Pak. According to analysts, considering that demand falling on vysokomarzhinalnuju dairy production which drinking yoghurts concern as a whole is now marked, for the company the aggressive price policy can become the key factor in advancement. Theoretically expansion assortimentnoj rulers at the expense of dairy production with higher level of the added cost can positively affect level of profitability of business of the company, - analyst UK " speaks; finam Management Maxim Kljagin. - But, naturally, only provided that similar production will be in demand that at the moment far it is not obvious .

Besides, the Galaxy for the first time from the moment of project start has opened exact structure of proprietors of factory in cost nearby 2 mlrd rbl. As have informed in the company, 23 % in the capital Galaxies belongs to Open Company fineks the others of 77 % are divided by equal parts between Open Company Eurostyle belonging to businessman Maxim Ivanov, and the general director of factory Igor Dju. Owners fineksa - physical persons, their names are not specified.