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“ the Agriculture should become business “

Interview to the founder of the agricultural company “ Rostov - the World “

Problems of the Don landowners are covered with Yury Roshkovanom not in world financial crisis and falling of the prices for grain, and in inability to work on the earth and to survive in the conditions of the market, the chairman of the Rostov regional branch of the All-Russian public organisation of small and average business " considers; the SUPPORT of Russia “ businessman YURY ROSHKOVAN. In its opinion, today agricultural manufacturers should unite and introduce modern technologies in economy. For whom he sees the future in agriculture sphere, g - n Roshkovan has told to the correspondent “ weekly the South “ Inna BABAYAN.

- the Don landowners have already addressed in the government of the Russian Federation with the request to recognise a situation a swagger - major - under their data, from - for falling of the prices for grain they have received less profits 40 mlrd rbl. Position in agrarian and industrial complex sphere is how much critical?

- It is a question not that they something have received less, and that their forecasts have not come true. The mentality of the peasant needs to be changed - he does not count business, and simply threshes grain on result. For whom is so much grain necessary? Instead of counting up profits for tomorrow, it is necessary to optimise process today - to introduce new technologies. The majority of our farmers in the old manner plough, harrow, cultivate, instead of sow and fertilise simultaneously. As a result at me the cost price of kg of grain - 1,8 rbl., at them - 3,5 rbl. Having sold 6,5 thousand t on 3,5 rbl. for kg, I only on grain have earned 6 million rbl.

- Introduction of modern technologies - pleasure expensive...

- Certainly, the farmer with the of anything cannot make of 200 hectares - any crop rotation, the animal industries, power saving up technologies. Therefore I also speak to them: Unite the krestjansko - farms, gather on five, ten, twenty families, lead up the area to 5 thousand in hectare, obtain incorporated credits. In all civilised world - the USA, Canada, Israel - get rid of personal part-time farms. By calculations of foreign experts, the most effective conducting agriculture on 3-5 thousand in hectare of the earth. Agriculture - same too business. It is necessary to count, how many the earths to take away under arable lands, how many it is necessary to hold cattle and so on. All should develop in a complex. At us distribute the earths all who feel like it, - many work without profile formation.

- why you assert, what the Don landowners are noncompetitive in the conditions of the market?

- Because the few are able to consider and plan for some years forward. For example, animal industries development is now very favourable. This year the country has collected a big crop - 100 million t grain. It is  destruction for the farmer, but on a hand to cattle breeders - cheap forages. In the past communists at huge grain yields besides that fed the whole world, a considerable part gave under animal industries on which basis the crop rotation was under construction and the balance of the nature remained.

in the beginning of 2009 “ Rostov - the World “ will begin horned cattle purchase. Originally we plan to get 250 goals - on it, and also on infrastructure adjustment, by estimation, it is necessary an order of 20 million rbl. next year the government program on animal industries development will start to operate - if she really earns, most likely I will use the state credit. Enterprise profit we will spend for acquisition of the newest equipment.

as to a panic of farmers crisis now occurs first of all in their heads. At me a wide experience of passage of crises, also I can tell that at this time only became richer. And now, it is assured, too I will earn.

- you the supporter agroklasterov?

- Today on Don do not understand an essence agrarian klasterov. This connection large, average and small-scale business for the purpose of advancement of competitive production. It is a question of partnership of several economy, the large enterprise, insurers, suppliers of mineral fertilizers, banks. Inside klastera there can not be a competition, but there is a transfer of technologies. Business is under construction at the successful enterprises, instead of on losers.