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Provincial deviation

Drugstores reduce filial networks in regions

the Moscow and Petersburg networks of drugstores - First aid 36,6 Rigla - reduce branches in regions, including in JUFO. In the companies assert that deviation from a province is only indirectly connected with world financial crisis and dictated by necessity of minimisation of risks. Capital operators intend to return to regions as soon as the economic situation is stabilised. Meanwhile their niche is occupied with regional players who even under cargo of financial crisis expand networks.

the Moscow network 36,6 has closed more than 10 % of drugstores in regions of Russia (125 of 1168). The part from them has had on JUFO, where 36,6 it is presented by 200 drugstores. By data weekly the South some drugstores 36,6 For October-December, 2008 have been closed in Krasnodar territory, however concrete figures in the company have refused to name.

reduction of a retail network in 36,6 explain optimisation of activity of the company. in parallel with closing of drugstores not making profit we open new, - have explained weekly the South in 36,6 . - Crisis while was not reflected in any way in company activity .

the Petersburg network of drugstores First aid for last two months has almost completely curtailed a filial network in Rostov-on-Don. from 17 drugstores in Rostov-on-Don we have closed 12, - admitted weekly the South the commercial director of the company First aid Peter Grek. - the purpose - minimisation of risks in the conditions of crisis. Opening a chemist`s network in southern capital, we planned to reach a recoupment during ones and a half - two years, however crisis has introduced the corrective amendments . G - n the Greek has added that First aid it is ready to return to regions if to autumn of 2009 position in the financial market of Russia starts to be stabilised.

has cut the network in JUFO and Moscow Rigla . Quantity of the closed drugstores representatives Rigly did not begin to specify, naming it in conversation with weekly the South the normal working process which in any way has been not connected with financial crisis.

experts are convinced that the reason of filial reductions is covered just in an economic crisis. According to the director of the centre of marketing researches Farmekspert David Melik - Gusejnova, capital networks declared a part of drugstores in regions illiquid on the threshold of 2009 of a rise in price expected in the beginning farmproduktsii on 7-10 %.

the General director of Association of the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers Victor Dmitrys has declared weekly the South that the first signals about influence of crisis on the manufacturer appear already today. In November the Arbitration court of Moscow has registered two claims of the largest Russian farmproizvoditelej Farmstandart and Valenta pharmaceutics to the distributor biotek about default of obligations under contracts.

it is not excluded that in the near future the situation can be thrown on regions. However, in regional chemist`s networks a situation while rather stable. As has informed weekly the South the deputy chief of department of purchases of the Volgograd chemist`s network Volgofarm Alexey Levahin to turn off the activity the company does not gather. G - n Levahin has noticed that with leaving from the market of the Moscow operators regional networks, on the contrary, should become more active.

evident to volume acknowledgement - Open Society the Stavropol city drugstores (an order of 20 shops in edge) which extends, nevziraja even on absence of growth of sales, - in December the company planned to increase them by 15-20 %. For last two months we have opened two new drugstores, two more we plan to open in the beginning of 2009 - has explained weekly the South the general director of Open Society the Stavropol city drugstores Ashot Arustamjan. As he said, during an epoch of crisis it is more difficult than a steel to develop relations with distributors. the Stavropol city drugstores have stopped work already with three - one company has gone bankrupt, two other steels to demand 100 % of an advance payment for the goods.

crisis influence on distribjutorskuju a network confirm and given Roszdravnadzora of the Russian Federation. On its information, increase of credit rates in banks motivated distributors to raise the prices in December on the average for 30 %.

the General director of marketing agency DSM Group Alexander Kuzin has declared weekly the South that accident on distribjutorskom the market will not be - crisis only will help to eliminate the weak companies and to strengthen positions strong to which 80 % of the market today are fixed.