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Saint - Gobain has got in bank

concern has bought Kamyshinsky steklotarnyj factory

Concern Saint - Gobain has got the manufacturer of a glass jar largest in Russia - Joint-Stock Company “ Kamyshinsky steklotarnyj factory “ (about third of domestic production of this kind of production). The Sum of transaction is estimated in 1,5-2 mlrd rbl. the glass jar Market grows approximately on 10 % a year, but the competition on it is high enough, experts speak. Saint - Gobain plans to develop further manufacture on Kamyshinsky steklotarnom though the factory already works on a capacity limit.

Joint-Stock Company “ Kamyshinsky steklotarnyj factory “ (Kamyshin, the Volgograd region) is the manufacturer of a glass jar largest in Russia. In 2007 has made 450 million pieces, the gain has made 1,543 mlrd rbl., net profit - 253 million rbl. These volumes have allowed KSZ to occupy 30 % of all Russian manufacture (according to Rosstata and participants of the market). The second place from shares about 18 % occupies Open Society “ JUgrosprodukt “ (Stavropol Territory), the third, from shares of 10 %, - Kamensk steklotarnyj factory (Rostov region).

Compagnie de Saint - Gobain includes more than thousand the separate enterprises making building and izoljatsionnye materials, polymers, fiber glass, flat glass and empties, head office is in France. The concern gain in 2007 has made 63,7 mlrd dollars, number of workers - 206 thousand persons. Saint - Gobain Oberland AG - German division of concern, a gain in 2007 - 686,6 million dollars this company in 2005 has got an active in JUFO - Joint-Stock Company “ Kavminsteklo “ (now “ Sen - Goben Kavminsteklo “) .

About acquisition by concern Saint - Gobain Joint-Stock Company “ Kamyshinsky steklotarnyj factory “ (KSZ) “ weekly the South “ have told two sources in branch. “ yes, we have bought this active “ - the director for personnel Saint - Gobain in Russia and in Ukraine Sergey Nazarov has confirmed. As the representative of factory has told, 96,46 % of actions were got by German division of concern Saint - Gobain Oberland AG. Before the action belonged to physical persons - to workers and the management, general director Anatoly Hobotov was the largest shareholder­.

Sergey Nazarov has told that the new proprietor will develop manufacture KSZ, but detailed plans has found it difficult to name. Zamgendirektora KSZ Zynaida Derendjaeva to give the information without the permission of the general director has refused. To communicate yesterday with Anatoly Hobotovym it was not possible - it was not accessible at office.

the sum of transaction is not disclosed. Analyst IK “ finam “ Maxim Kljagin estimates factory in 1,5-2 mlrd rbl. The general director of Open Society “ Kamensk steklotarnyj factory “ Anatoly Shebanov has told that the project of new factory in half of capacity KSZ costs to 18 million euro. “ that is KSZ can cost about 40 million euros. But at start of new factory long time - is necessary year and more - to sell production at cut prices, to work without profit or even at a loss that your production have learnt, to debug communications with clients “ - he speaks. At purchase of operating factory there is no necessity long time to work with low or negative profitability for production advancement.

the glass jar market in Russia, by an estimation g - on Shebanova, grows approximately on 10 % a year, but to work on it uneasy as the competition is high enough and continues to grow. “ it any more the market of the seller, but also not the market of the buyer. It is impossible to tell that it is easy to realise all volume of production - for buyers (basically it is the enterprises of the canning industry. - “ weekly the South “) it is necessary to run about. But also scale price wars yet was not “. However g - n Shebanov notices that some factories having well established relations, are busy on a total power, including leaders of the market - KSZ and Kamensk steklotarnyj factory.

“ that Saint - Gobain seriously to increase volumes of output in Kamyshine, it will be necessary to build new furnaces. Certainly, resources and experience of such proprietor will help KSZ to strengthen the positions in the market “ - Anatoly Shebanov speaks.

Maxim Kljagin says that glass jar manufacture attractively now that the economic crisis should not be reflected in it strongly. “ as can production is basically on the average and the lowest segments of the grocery goods consumer demand decrease will affect this market slightly “.