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Ashan the network hypermarket " extends and forces out from the Rostov market of others ritejlerov

the Third on Don; Ashan can open within the next two years in Aksajsky area of area. Now the company management in Russia considers some platforms in this territory, Taganrog and East Donbass also are interesting to it. In the nearest seven - eight years Ashan plans to open in the south to ten new shops. Participants of the market believe that it will aggravate a competition and will negatively be reflected in small-scale business.

now Ashan considers possibility of building of a new hypermarket in Aksajsky area of the Rostov region - the head of area Vitaly Borzenko has informed. According to the chief executive of Agency of investment development of the Rostov region Igor Burakova, except Aksajsky area the company also considers some platforms in cities and area areas, including in Taganrog and East Donbass.

it is quite possible that in the Rostov region Ashan will develop in different formats - from a hypermarket to a supermarket. In one sheaf with it shops of the goods for the house " will be under construction; Lerua Merlen .

the First hypermarket Ashan has opened in Rostov-on-Don in November, 2007. According to administration of the Rostov region, its daily turn makes about 8,4 million rbl.

last week on border of Aksajsky area and Rostov-on-Don has begun work the second hypermarket - Ashan - Orbital (14 thousand sq.). It is planned that him will visit more than 100 thousand persons a week. In June near to Ashanom The shop of the goods for the house " will open; Lerua Merlen (14 thousand sq.). According to the general director of a network Ashan in Russia Jean - Pierre Zhermena, investments into both shops will make about 100 million dollars

In the south Ashan in the nearest seven - eight years plans to open to ten new shops.

in Rostov-on-Don in a format of hypermarkets two shops of the Petersburg network " already work; About Kej one - the Krasnodar network the Magnet (it is located in the Rostov city - the companion Bataysk), in plans opening Real.

According to the operating partner of a network Gastronomchik and prodeko Dmitry Potapenko, Ashan can make it a rigid competition. at About Kej more limited possibilities of purchase of the goods in large lots so, to offer it at more favourable prices, - has told weekly the South g - n Potapenko. - As a result of the price in Ashane on the average on 15-20 % more low, than at Petersburgers . As he said, financial crisis will play Ashanu only on a hand - at a choice of shop people will be guided first of all by a price level.

as will work Ashan will show time - the director of southern branch " has frostily estimated prospects of the competitor; About Kej Gennady Taran. Dmitry Potapenko asserts that in Moscow in radius of 1,5 km from Ashana during half a year after its opening stop work almost all shops.

according to the co-owner of a chain store system A stone`s throw away Andrey Holopova, opening Ashana on Orbital will provoke a mass outcome from area of representatives of small-scale business. G - n Lackeys does not exclude, as both its shops A stone`s throw away become there unprofitable. He is surprised that local authorities do not limit work Ashana and to it of similar hypermarkets on time of days and days of week, as it becomes abroad to support small-scale business.

the co-owner of the Rostov network Empire of products Ashot Hblikjan has agreed that occurrence of the shops similar Ashanu leads to sharp falling of a gain at other players. On the threshold of opening of a new hypermarket on Orbital Empire of products has refused network development in this area.