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Zubkov has urged on interventions

to accelerate grain purchases in state fund

the First vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov on Friday has noted low rates of purchasing interventions of grain and has offered a number of measures for increase of efficiency of the auctions. In particular, he considers it necessary to increase quantity of trading days, to expand the list accredited elevatorov and to understand with quantity of the documents demanded from agricultural manufacturers for participation in the auctions. Together with these measures experts suggest to consider urgently measures on export support as in the middle of the year intervention grain will press on an infrastructure on storage and transportation.

according to Rosstata, in 2008 Russia has collected 114,4 million t grains in originally credited weight, or 105,5 million t grains in net weight. In March, 2008 the state has allocated for carrying out of interventions 30 mlrd rbl., it was supposed to buy 5 million t grains. In September financing of purchases has increased to 36 mlrd rbl., and the potential size of fund is expanded to 8 million t. Past Thursday the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has declared injection 45 mlrd rbl. in an authorised capital stock of Rosselhozbanka which will go on expansion of scale of grain interventions.

on Friday Victor Zubkov at the selector meeting devoted to the state purchasing interventions in the market of grain, has declared that rates of carrying out of interventions remain obviously insufficient . This circumstance limits stimulus of agricultural manufacturers to the further increase in areas under crops and growth of manufacture of grain, he has noted. By data for December, 18th, in state fund it is bought 3,74 million t grains on 17,85 mlrd rbl. However on responsible storage on accredited elevatory it is put only 1,5 million t that makes 40 % from volume of purchases, has noted g - n Zubkov.

Till January, 1st, 2009 the Ministry of Agriculture plans to buy 5 million t grains, Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev has declared. For this purpose it is necessary to leave on weekly volume of purchase of 600 thousand t and to accelerate acceptance of the bought grain. That the exchange auctions by grain will achieve an object in view since December, 22nd to be spent all five working days instead of these three days. Weekly purchases of grain by the state above 500 thousand t - quite satisfactory quantity taking into account present level of an infrastructure, the general director of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market Dmitry Rylko is assured.

the State has possibility to buy in 2008-2009 at least 20 million t, Victor Zubkov confirms. He has demanded to lower costs of agricultural manufacturers on participation in the auctions and to understand with quantity of necessary documents. Really, for participation in the auctions request enormous quantity of documents and if it to reduce, it will positively affect activity of agricultural manufacturers, the representative of the company " agrees; Agrolight Alexander Osipov.

besides it seriously constrains state purchases and shortage of capacities on grain storage. in the Voronezh region where we work, our cars stand in a queue on grain delivery on accredited elevator, but it cannot accept, as elevator is already hammered - speaks g - n Osipov. Regions of the Central and Southern federal districts have faced such problem as they have given the biggest crop, experts mark. According to Dmitry Rylko, the general capacities of postfarmer storage of grain in the country make 84 million t.

Decrease in rates of deliveries of grain for export within last three months against a huge crop also disturbs experts and participants of the grain market. Russia for last three months has put for export of less grain, than for the corresponding period of last year, tells g - n Rylko: We would offer all - taki urgently to consider measures on export support . Intervention grain remains in home market and will seriously press on an infrastructure on storage and grain transportation, the expert speaks: To the beginning of a following season which will begin on July, 1st, this pressure will amplify only .