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Strategic 3G

the Government of China will enclose in development of technology 41 mlrd dollars

the Chinese government plans to invest 41 mlrd dollars in development 3G the next two years. The state will give serious support to advancement of standard TD - SDMA, developed in China. Low penetration of cellular communication into the Peoples Republic of China and absence of desire at operators to be put in development of communication of the third generation have led to that the government had to invest public funds in development 3G, analysts speak.

the Chinese government intends to invest from above 41 mlrd dollars in development of mobile communication of the third generation till 2010, the Chinese newspaper China Daily writes, Whether referring to the statement of the minister of the industry and information of the Peoples Republic of China Ichzhuna. G - Whether n Ichzhun also has declared that the state will render serious support To advancement of the standard of communication TD developed in China - SDMA also will incur improvement of the equipment and its testing, and also in expansions of a network of a covering.

It is expected that in the end of December or in the beginning of next year three leading telecommunication companies of China will obtain licences for introduction of mobile communication of the third generation. China Mobile, 80 % of the Chinese market supervising more, standard TD - SDMA while other two operators of mobile communication China Unicom and China Telecom will add to the arsenal European WCDMA and American CDMA 2000 accordingly will use.

according to analytical company CCID Consulting, sales volumes of mobile phones in China in 2007 have reached 150 million pieces, market total amount in money terms 24,3 mlrd dollars

In Russia the most used technology is CDMA 2000, analyst J " speaks; son and Partners Sergey Savin. As he said, there is more than half of all 3G - networks in the world are constructed with use of technology WCDMA, one third - with use of technology EVDO. Probably, interest of the Chinese government to technology TD - SDMA speaks that the majority vendorov in the country make the equipment for its application, the analyst considers. low penetration of cellular communication does not stimulate operators in China to development of new technologies. Therefore, to exclude technological backlog, the government has decided to invest itself means in development 3G - analyst IK " speaks; finam Vladislav Kochetkov. As he said, the sums in 41 mlrd will be more than enough to provide with communication the third generation all largest cities of China.

in Russia in building of networks 3G operators invest. By Vladislav Kochetkova`s estimations, in Russia on building of networks 3G it is necessary for Russian operators to invest nearby 10 mlrd dollars According to Mininformsvjazi (department which has been reorganised recently in the Ministry of mass communications and communication) for February, 2008, on 3G to the Russian operators within the next three years it is necessary to spend 70 mlrd rbl.