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Results of next year in city power will be modest

the Expiring year became the most generous on the investment into a power complex of St.-Petersburg. According to preliminary data, in city power in 2008 it is enclosed more than 50 mlrd rbl. that on 10 % more than year before. It was planned in the spring that in 2009 of the investment into a power complex of Petersburg will reach 100 mlrd rbl. However in spite of the fact that investment programs of the companies are not up to the end imposed yet, it is already clear that next year rates of development of branch will be much more low, than in 2008.

in the conditions of crisis in more advantageous position there were companies with the state participation in the capital, capable to involve budgetary financing, than private. For this reason “ Sankt - the Petersburg electric networks “ (SPbES, 100 % of actions belong to a city) and the Federal network company (77 % of actions at the Russian Federation) for the present did not declare plans of reduction of investment programs. In turn, and the company “ Lenenergo “ in which directly the state posesses only 25 % of actions, and TGK - 1 in which capital of a share of the state is not present in general, already declare that will transfer realisation of a part of the programs on the future.

the largest network company of a city “ Lenenergo “ maintaining almost all distributive networks of a city, has been compelled to reduce the investment program ­ this year. Instead of planned earlier 20 mlrd rbl. in 2008 the company has constructed objects on 9,4 mlrd rbl. has been decided to transfer a part of inputs of this year for 2009, in particular substation 124 A (Kalininsky area) and 212 And " in the Autumn; Northern valley “ (the Vyborg area). The updating reason is typical for many branches: Situation deterioration in the financial market has not allowed the company will place a bonded loan on 7 mlrd rbl. In 2009 the investment program even more modestly. According to preliminary data, its size will make nearby 6 mlrd rbl. According to the general director “ Lenenergo “ Dmitry Ryabov while it only bastings, definitive parametres of the program will be defined only in January-February, after the statement of tariffs for 2009.

other network company “ Sankt - the Petersburg electric networks “ (operating the networks belonging to a city, and also building of new lines and substations) on fluctuations of the financial market depends not so strongly as more than half of its investment program it is financed from the city budget. The total amount kapvlozheny the companies during the current year has made 6,1 mlrd rbl. (3,5 mlrd - means of the city budget, 2,6 mlrd - own company`s resources). In 2009 SPbES yet does not plan to reduce volume of investments, promising to increase it to 6,2 mlrd rbl. next year it is supposed to enter substations “ Sinop “ (for project power supply “ the Neva town hall), “ JUgo - Western “ and “ the Stand “ (for factory of Nissan and a special economic zone in the New Oryol forest park). “ to Transfer terms of input of objects of next year yet we will not be, - the assistant to the general director on development SPbES Victor Tamarov has informed daily. - we will be guided Further by requirements of investors: if they are ready to remove terms of input of the objects and, as consequence, will co-ordinate with us longer date of performance of contracts of technological joining we can stretch and the investment program “. But even under the most pessimistic forecasts shift will not exceed several years, not further 2015, he adds.

while there are no plans of updating and at branch FSK - “ The main electric networks of Severo - the West “ (“ MES Severo - the West “ maintains networks of a high voltage 220 kv and above). For MES it is the extremely important not to stop work, after all only after input of their objects it is possible to start in a system of substation more a low voltage - 110 sq. Thus, the program of distributive networks should be synchronised with program FSK. According to the general director “ MES Severo - the West “ Valery Ageeva, in 2008 the volume of investments of branch FSK in territory of Petersburg has made 19,5 mlrd rbl. that in 1,8 times more than in 2007. Next year “ MES Severo - the West “ plans to start two new substations (PS 330 kv “ Central “ will allow to submit the electric power to city centre where deficiency of capacities is marked; PS 220 kv “ the Prospectus of Verifiers “ Will give the chance to connect new consumers ­ in Seaside area), and also to finish substation reconstruction “ Factory of Ilyich “. Cost of these projects makes 13 mlrd rbl. Besides, is planned to continue works on three objects which will be started in 2010.

the director it is information - analytical department IK “ the Power capital “ Denis Dyomin does not see contradictions that at the companies different lines of thought to volume of investments. “ the investment program ­ originally declared “ Lenenergo “ was enough ambitious, and, probably, the reserve of its reduction has simply appeared more, - he believes. - besides, as the private company, “ Lenenergo ­“ in this respect has bolshej maneuver freedom, than city SPbES “. Thus, the analyst marks, FSK and SPbES in financing kapvlozheny can rely on means of corresponding budgets.

In 2008 besides development of transferring objects building and reconstruction ­ of capacities generating the electric power has proceeded­. TGK - 1, maintaining all large thermal power stations of a city, for nine months 2008 has financed the investment program on 17,5 mlrd rbl. against 14,5 mlrd rbl. for all 2007. As the chief of department of investments and capital construction TGK - 1 Edward Lisitsky has informed, now the company considers possibility of carrying over of terms under two projects which realisation yet has not begun, namely - start-up of the new power unit 450 MVt Northern thermal power station - 21 with 2011 for 2014 and new capacities on the Central thermal power station - with 2010 for 2011. In the course of discussion also the project on building of new thermal power station on Vasilevsky island. The operating thermal power station - 7 TGK - 1, taking into account planned input on it next year a new turbine unit capacity 50 MVt and reconstruction teplosetevogo a complex, is capable to provide requirements of area for thermal and electric energy on immediate prospects, including taking into account plans “ the Sea facade “ till 2013, speaks g - n Lipnitsky.

it is obvious that in 2009 of power will not begin new building, and will try to finish already begun projects. Nevertheless experts consider that carrying over of start of new objects for later term will not affect reliability of a power supply system of a city. Input schedules are co-ordinated to terms in which free capacity will be necessary for consumers. Thus, a system overload should not be.