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Contract organisations optimise costs

Reduction of investment programs of the electronetwork and generating companies has affected the organisations which are engaged in designing and building of power objects. The companies have already started to optimise the costs. Rescue branch the state can, having provided with their state order and having refused intentions to correct the investment program energetikov.

Inzhiniringovye of the company are always fastened on real building, therefore they are subject to the same crisis influences, as developers who have suffered from crisis while most. In 2009, unlike previous three-year boom, building of new power capacities it is not expected. The power companies have already declared that will concentrate the basic forces to completion of the begun objects. the volume of orders from the network and generating companies already was reduced to 60-70 % - the general director of group " has counted; And. D. D (Vladislav Norkin is engaged in power engineering, consulting, and also equipment deliveries). By its estimation, security of the power companies means for realisation of priority investment projects makes a maximum of 25 %.

the president of Joint-Stock Company " adheres to the Same opinion also; EFESk (power and industrial building) Evgenie Bobylev. the Volume of orders from the power companies will be reduced at least time in two - it predicts. It became obvious at formation of a portfolio of orders of the company for 2009. exploratory talk with potential customers confirms our fears, and it not so simply forecast and not mere allegation - ascertained g - n Bobylev.

Meanwhile the state yet did not give otmashki on reduction of investment programs of the generating companies. If refusal of building of objects of generation will not follow, at inzhiniringovyh the companies there will be chances to be fixed in the grown thin market. in crisis will survive as much as possible diversifitsirovannye the companies which have been not fastened on one - two large-scale projects, a type of service or branch, - the chief of department of check of budget calculation inzhiniringovoj the companies " reflects; 2 Alexander Maltsev. - There are also those who could receive the state order or the strategic project. Afloat, of course, there will be also those who has managed to find new directions inzhiniringovoj activity, actual in the conditions of crisis . The state has one more possibility to help engineers. Not to extend a reinvestment cycle and to support power and inzhiniringovye the companies, it could null duties on the power equipment which now make 10-15 % from investment program cost, adds Alexander Maltsev.

In current conditions the basic complexity for the power companies - impossibility to involve financing on building of new objects. At the same time only at the expense of the profit the generating and network companies can successfully carry out repair, partial reconstruction and modernisation of already operating objects of power, Evgenie Bobylev considers. To count on capital construction of the new objects equipped with the modern (expensive) equipment, demanding impressive means, it is not necessary, he considers. But thus in such uneasy conditions at inzhiniringovyh the companies growth of orders from the small companies is observed. they aspire to reduce as much as possible costs and are interested in introduction of power saving up technologies - Vladislav Norkin adds.

Crisis compels the companies to optimise the costs and changes a principle of work of the companies. For example, corporation EfEsk has changed a principle of the analysis of the cost price on structural divisions entering into it and fields of activity. If earlier the estimation was carried out quarterly, now monthly. By words g - on Bobyleva, it allows to trace in due time weaknesses in use of cars and mechanisms, materials, in an expenditure of the finance on manufacture and perspective development. As a result it is possible to react in due time administrative measures - to rearrange people and technical resources or to redistribute money. It is necessary to cut as much as possible all constant expenses, to freeze inefficient directions, having kept only the most effective, commercially favourable business - directions - adds g - n Norkin. Thus, while the state is in search of the formula of a survival, business itself searches for variants of preservation of the activity forthcoming uneasy year.