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The Peoples Republic of China will continue to consume actively this year foreign oil

Requirement of China for foreign oil the next months remains is close to record levels thanks to economy restoration, growth of processing capacities and increasing possibility of accumulation of stocks, informs Reuters referring to Xinhua.
Pure import of oil from the second-large consumer in the world in following two - can grow three months in comparison with last year more than on 40 %, having reached a point of 19,5 million tons in a month.
thus, considering planned commissioning of new processing capacities and the price policy of the state concerning the fuel, promising profitableness pererabotchikam, the volume of monthly loading by oil of factories will grow in comparison with last year more than on 20 % approximately to 33,5 million tons.
Following the results of December of the past year the volume of import of the Peoples Republic of China of crude oil has reached record indicators for all history in 21,26 million tons, or about 5 million barr./ days. Thus petroleum-refining industry of the country within a month has processed record 34,6 million tons of oil, or 8,15 million barr. In day.
in the nearest some months import of crude oil will be supported also at the expense of growth of number of storehouses and pipelines, told in the message. Where there are new tanks for storage, and also how many they were or will be added, not specified.
demand for diesel fuel in the following some months will grow approximately on 15 % in comparison with last year that above, than predicted growth of demand for gasoline - 8 %. Experts explain it to that diesel engine consumption (the basic fuel used for transportation in the industry) in last year has most strongly suffered from - for economic recession.
As a whole monthly demand of China for oil in the nearest 2 - 3 months, under forecasts of experts, will increase approximately by 14 % in comparison with previous year, is told in the message.