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Rostehnologijam have not allowed to create the competitor to Aeroflot

Plans of the state corporation Rostehnologii on creation of a large air carrier which should become the basic competitor to Aeroflot remained in the past. Today it became known that the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has supported the offer of the Ministry of transport of Russia about aktsionirovanii the State Customs Committee Russia (enters into state corporation Rostehnologii ) With its subsequent association from Open Society Aeroflot - the Russian airlines . Thus the head of the government has put an end in dispute of two concepts of reforming of the aviation actives transferred in control Rostehnologijam . The concept of Ministry of Transport has won against the concept of the head of state corporation Sergey Chemezova which lobbied idea about association with airline Siberia (S7).
Experts on - to a miscellaneous estimate the reasons of failure of creation Rosavia . So, analyst IFK Metropol Andrey Rozhkov notices that the government of the Russian Federation has gone by the way of the least financial participation in rescue of aviaactives Rostehnology . In case of association with Aeroflot professional managers of this company for money of the company will rescue and restructure actives, while association of these actives with Siberia Most likely, would demand grants from the state on re-structuring and updating of an aircraft depot of the companies - the analyst speaks. in the circumstances this most effective association from the point of view of demanded expenses of the federal budget. Yes, Rostehnologii most likely, will not receive a high cost estimation for the aviaactives, but the reason of it is covered in not quite professional property management, instead of in understating of cost of actives - A.Rozhkov considers.
in turn analyst IK Veles the Capital Marina Irkli considers that failure in creation of a large carrier Rostehnologijami it is connected by that all united Rosavia actives financially enough unstable, at all high debt loading. to unite such actives under one wing that they also effectively worked, difficult enough, and in short terms it is actually impracticable. Many means for their financial improvement " are required; - she considers.
also M.Irkli believes that transfer to Aeroflot aviaactives Rosavia will lead to essential increase in its volume of passenger traffic and to a considerable separation from the nearest competitors. As she said, Aeroflot could strengthen the liderskie positions in the market. for example, transportations of passengers of the nearest competitor Aeroflot - transaero - for 11 months 2009. Have made 4,65 million persons. Taking into account the data Rosavia for the similar period Aeroflot would transport more than 16 million persons - the expert speaks. At the same time M.Irkli notices that an aircraft depot Aeroflot - one of the newest that gives it the big fuel efficiency in comparison with competitors. Rosavia in turn, of it cannot brag. In the long term it can negatively be reflected in profitability Aeroflot owing to potential growth of expenses for aviation fuel, the expert marks.
an analyst of Bank of Moscow Michael Ljamin in general finds it difficult to state an estimation of association planned in the future Aeroflot and actives Rostehnology . to Estimate influence of news on an estimation Aeroflot while it is difficult enough that is connected with absence of the data on attached actives, and also estimations possible sinergeticheskogo effect and association parametres - tells M.Ljamin.
But at the same time he has noticed that the key actives transferred to Aeroflot are the State Customs Committee Russia and Vladivostokavia - the basic players of the largest Russian hubs. the given actives will allow to Aeroflot To become stronger in perspective regions (St.-Petersburg and Primorski Territory) to spend optimisation of a network and to raise competitiveness in the Asian market - underlines M.Ljamin.
In turn the official representative Aeroflot Oleg Mihajlov has informed that the government decision it is directed on support of the Russian aviabranch and first of all - on its consolidation . In Aeroflot believe that increase in a share of the market, in particular Aeroflot it should not be perceived as threat of monopolisation of the market, O.Mihajlov speaks.
By our estimations, as a result of transfer of these actives group Aeroflot will occupy an order 30 - 35 % of home market of aviatransportations. For an example: in the European countries with the developed antimonopoly law airlines with high (to 70 %) a share of the market of the main aviatransportations " operate; - O.Mihajlov has underlined. He has added: In the nearest future we will carefully study market positions and a financial condition of airlines which to us are transferred in control . Following the results of the given research the plan of occurrence of these actives in the consolidated group " will be made; Aeroflot the representative " has added; Aeroflot .
Now in management GK Rostehnologii there are three federal state unitary enterprises which now undergo procedure aktsionirovanija, is the State Customs Committee Russia Kavminvody and the Orenburg airlines . Besides, the number of aviaactives of state corporation includes three joint-stock companies - Vladivostokavia the Saratov airlines and the Sakhalin air routes .
According to plans of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the sounded I.Levitinym at a meeting with premieres - the minister, during 2010. It will be spent aktsionirovanie three FGUPov. Thus largest of them a carrier - the State Customs Committee Russia - will be aktsionirovan and it is registered in St.-Petersburg. after aktsionirovanija FGUPov all this active is offered to be generated the others under a joint management and further to carry out merge to the company Aeroflot - has specified I.Levitin.
estimations of Ministry of Transport on a dale of the incorporated company in the Russian market coincide with forecasts most Aeroflot - approximately 30 - 35 %.
In GK Rostehnologii offers of Ministry of Transport on planned association of its aviation actives with Aeroflot do not make comments.
by this time it is known that not numerous employees of Open Society Airline (the legal body of airline Rosavia ) Have informed on company abolition. In particular, to the general director Rosavia the place of the adviser of head " was offered to Boris Korolju; Rostehnology or moving to St.-Petersburg. Management of the rests of aviaactives under control to state corporation while will be entrusted to the general director of the State Customs Committee Russia to the Novel to Pahomovu. The Moscow carrier Atlant - the Union in partnership with which creation of the competitor " was initially planned; to Aeroflot will develop independently.
then it was supposed that Rostehnologii will bring in Open Society authorised capital stock Airline (100 % of actions " are created on an equal footing with the government of Moscow); the Sakhalin air routes and also controlling stocks Vladivostok avia and the Saratov airlines . In turn the government of Moscow promised to transfer a controlling stock Atlant - the Union And nine planes Boeing 737 - 800. Later in Rosavia the State Customs Committees " should enter; Russia the Orenburg airlines and Kavminvodyavia . Subsequently these plans were a little reconsidered, but as a result of the party and could not agree about operating conditions of a new air carrier. Now the problem of the state aviaactives will be solved in another way - transfer to the largest national carrier to Aeroflot .
the destiny solemnly declared " Meanwhile is not clear; Rostehnologijami on MAX of the tender for delivery 50 new srednemagistralnyh planes. Now the state corporation does not have money even on payment of an initial payment at signing of the firm contract, and its management hopes only for budgetary financing. This year the government of the Russian Federation has not allocated for purchase of planes of a state guarantee without which it is export - import banks will not finance delivery of liners.
Dmitry Minenko