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A.Kudrin: this year the state will sell 20 % of bank VTB

the State plans in 2011. To sell 20 % of bank VTB, has informed vitse - the prime minister and the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin at a forum Russia - 2011 . As he said, from a share holding of the Russian bank of 10 % exposed on sale should sell still in 2010., however it does not happen also the rest was transferred current year.
now we search for the best offers. Therefore as a whole in 2011. According to plan should sell already 20 % - the minister has added.
several days before head VTB Andrey Kostin declared that hopes for sale of the first 10 % of actions of bank in private hands already till the end of I quarter 2011.
the State prepares for sale of 30 % of actions VTB within the limits of the scale program of privatisation of state actives. Initially during the planned period 2010 - 2012. It was planned to sell on 10 % of actions of bank a year, however last year sale has not taken place. Earlier the first vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov noticed that these transactions will pass in case they will raise bank capitalisation. Further the government does not exclude that can lower the share in VTB and below the control.
to organise sale of actions VTB on behalf of the state it is entrusted to Open Company Merrill Lynch Sekjuritiz (Russian a daughter Merrill Lynch). According to the prisoner in November 2010. To the contract, the agent in the shortest terms should be provided an estimation of a market stock value of a society (with attraction of the independent appraiser and reception of expert judgement SRO), and also presents in Rosimushchestvo offers on buyers, to the price of actions and other treaty provisions of purchase and sale of actions.