Rus News Journal

The Russian share market has begun trading session by growth

the Auctions in the Russian share market have begun today growth of leading share indexes. After positive dynamics of world platforms of the quotation of the majority of the Russian blue counters have added at opening 0,5 - 1,5 %.
As of 10:40 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown up on 0,42 % - to 1763,32 points. RTS index has risen to a mark 1929,27 points that on 1,01 % above level of closing of the last trading day. Index RTS Standard has added at opening of 0,42 %, having begun day on a mark 11126,3 points.
analysts of the company Aton remind that the day before the auctions on the Russian share platforms on Tuesday have come to the end with growth of the basic indicators. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index to closing has grown on 1,88 %, and RTS index has added 2,12 %.
the Auctions at stock exchanges of the USA also have come to the end with growth of the basic indexes more than on 1 %. Thus and S &P500 it was possible to indexes Dow Jones for the first time with 2008. To be fixed above marks of 12000 and 1300 points accordingly. Today since morning futures for the basic American indexes lose in cost about 0,1 %. At the auctions in Asia mainly positive dynamics was thus observed, experts speak.
as they said, the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has the day before managed to restore lost in the afternoon before a position and following the results of day to be fixed above level of resistance of 1750 points, after which nearest important resistance value of 1790 points acts. today the external background promotes continuation of growth of the basic Russian share indexes which, however, can not be so rough, as yesterday. Pressure upon our market can render reduction of prices on oil - analysts of the company " summarised; Aton .
In turn an analyst of Bank of Moscow Yury Volov says that absence of the further negative from Egypt both other countries of region and rallies in the oil market have quickly returned the world markets of actions to postcrisis maxima, and the Russian market - to levels of the middle of last week. at the prices for the oil, 100 dollars exceeding a mark for barrel, the high prices for copper and the growing prices for a steel and metallurgical raw materials to be kept from purchase of the Russian actions difficult enough though after any strong movement upwards risks of correction increase - J.Volov has underlined.