Rus News Journal

The dollar has lost in the beginning of trading day of 20 copecks

In the Russian currency market of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange today rouble strengthening in relation to dollar and bivaljutnoj to a basket ($0,55 and 0,45 euros) has proceeded. Quotations of uniform European currency at opening practically have not changed.
now the dollar bargains on a mark 29,44 rbl. - for 20 copecks below level of closing of the last trading day. For one euro in the internal currency market give 40,72 rbl. - practically without changes in comparison with level of closing of the auctions the day before.
Bivaljutnaja the basket has fallen in price at opening for 10 copecks - to 34,51 rbl.
the Head of analytical department GK Broco Alexey Matrosov notices that the day before growth of the Russian currency has been caused by a rise in prices for oil of mark Brent. However if attentively to look narrowly to causing a positive in the Russian market to oil quotations it is possible to find out that their growth is based on fears of investors concerning overlapping Petrowire Suez canal, the expert speaks.
and any fears which do not have under self the real facts, disappear sooner or later, leaving after itself promptly falling market. The further development of the ascending scenario in the oil market will put pressure on bivaljutnuju a basket which range of decrease it is possible to expect within the limits of 34,5 - 34,6 rbl. - A.Matrosov has underlined.
we will remind that the official rate of dollar established by Bank of Russia for today, makes 29,65 rbl./ dollars, an euro exchange rate - 40,73 rbl./ euro.