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O.Vjugin predicts two-place inflation following the results of a year

Inflation in Russia following the results of 2011. It can appear two-place. Such opinion was stated today by the chairman of board of directors of MDM of bank, the former head FSFR and the former first vice-president of the Central Bank Oleg Vjugin.
for today inflationary expectations became the fact. Growth of wholesale prices will put pressure upon retail prices. That will change this tendency - a question opened - O.Vjugin has told. Besides, as he said, the factor of political instability in the Near East has led to a rise in prices for oil that also puts pressure upon a rise in prices in the world.
making comments on Savings Bank actions on increase of deductions in fund of obligatory reserves, O.Vjugin has told: These are very soft actions. On level of rates this measure of strong influence will not render . He has underlined that inflation will make key impact on level of interest rates.
Besides, the former vice-president of the Central Bank has noticed that if this year in Russia there will be a pure inflow of the capital the regulator should enter more the drastic measures constraining inflation. In particular, it is necessary to raise refinancing rates, and it in turn will lead to increase of rates in the market of bank services both in credits, and under deposits.
official forecasts of the authorities while are more optimistical. Last year the government has put in the budget on 2011. Inflation in the country at level of 6,5 %. Then in the beginning of this year zamglavy Ministry of economic development and trade Andrey Klepach noticed that consumer prices will grow following the results of a year on 7 - 8 %. However, as he said, inflation growth will depend on that, as the world prices for the foodstuffs " will behave;.
According to Rosstata, inflation in Russia from 18 on January, 24th has made 0,4 %. From the beginning of January consumer prices in the country have grown already on 1,8 %. Following the results of 2010. By estimates of statistical department, inflation in the Russian Federation has made 8,8 %.