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A.Kudrin - about the budget, roads, oil and not only

the Annual investment forum under home nursing Three - Dialogue only started, but it had an applicant for a rank of the man of the hour. By it it is quite expected became vitse - the prime minister and the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin, at the very beginning of a forum told so much interesting that actually has alone blown up tapes of news agencies.
the head of the Ministry of Finance was unusually optimistical also oars, having promised gathered a budgeted deficit below 3 % this year, the high prices for oil, bridling of inflation, a highway as to the USA and an effective expenditure of state means.
a hole in the budget ever less
Optimism vitse - the premiere is quite explainable: its main headache (shortage of means in the budget) is promptly reduced at the expense of blazing by fire of national anger of the North Africa. Oil was dispersed to 100 dollars/ barr. And, seemingly, remains at this level for a long time. All it does a budgetary hole not such awful as it was planned, and on this background many problems of financing disappear.
on this background A.Kudrin usually careful and adjusted on worst has made the courageous statement: this year deficiency of the federal budget will be below 3 %. The minister has noticed that at the price for oil 75 dollars/ barr. Deficiency of the federal budget in 2011. Would make 3,6 % from gross national product, as well as it is put in the budget current year. However superfluous liquidity and excitements on a way of oil routes have made the good deed for Russia: the prices for oil have reached maxima since the autumn 2008.
the Price for oil this year will remain enough high, and the budgeted deficit of the Russian Federation will be below 3 % of gross national product - A.Kudrin still 1,5 month ago predicting a collapse of the oil prices to 60 dollars/ barr has summed up.
Developing a favourite theme of the Russian budget, And. Kudrin has noticed that within three years the state approximately on 1 % from gross national product will annually cut expenses of federal level. it is our way, this our road map on consolidation (budget) - he has told. In particular, each ministry and department in the Russian Federation during half a year will confirm the program on increase of efficiency of budgetary expenses.
A.Kudrin also has added that in 2011. All ministries should reduce number of state employees not less than to 5 % whereas for three years it is necessary to spend reduction on 20 %. Some ministries have made more, go on an advancing - the minister has noted.
inflation, stand, time - two!
Other headache - prompt growth of consumer prices - too not seems to A.Kudrin invincible. The head of the Ministry of Finance believes that, despite dispersal of inflation above 2 % for a month in the beginning of year, the rise in prices will manage to be laid in decent figures for the government. And though in I half-year inflation will appear above expectations, in II half-year 2011. It will manage to be stabilised and even to lower.
in the next Ministry of economic development and trade believe that inflation following the results of a year will be up to standard 7 - 8 % (after a rise in prices for 8,8 % in 2010.) . However not all agree with government forecasts. So, the former first vice-president of Bank of Russia Oleg Vjugin believes that this year it can become two-place, i.e. exceed 10 %. However, the MAYOR makes a reservation: this year all will depend on the world prices for the foodstuffs.
the Russian roads will be as in the USA
One more good news from vitse - the premiere has turned out and at all unexpected and concerned a road economy. In particular, A.Kudrin has promised to the Russian motorists that quality of roads in big cities of Russia and the USA shortly vyravnjaetsja. However there will be it not at the expense of sharp improvement of the Russian road economy, and at the expense of deterioration American.
I looked budgets of states, they should be reduced on 15 - 20 %. It is difficult to get used To it. Roads will be in leading cities of the USA as at us in Russia soon - the minister has told.
well, a kickshaw, and it is pleasant.
Russia has settled the neftjanku
A.Kudrin would not be itself if has not prepared a small spoon of tar. In its opinion, Russia has by this time settled possibilities of growth of gross national product and a standard of living of the population at the expense of oil sector. He has noticed that oil extracting grew at times on 10 % a year, and together with it (and the prices for oil) well-being of the people grew also. So, from the beginning 2000 - h of gross national product per capita in the Russian Federation has grown at par consumer ability from 4,5 thousand dollars to 15 thousand dollars Thus an average salary of the population has grown about 100 dollars to 700 dollars a month.
however all good when - nibud comes to an end, including growth on hydrocarbons. we have settled potential of a gain of oil recovery. We, most likely, left on high enough prices for oil - the head of the Ministry of Finance recognised.
Now for maintenance of economic growth investments are necessary to the country, and pritekat they should fast enough rates.
essentially exceed level of economic growth in 4 % we can, only if the gain of investments into the Russian Federation is from 7 % to 10 % a year. For growth of economy to 7 - 8 % are required higher growth of investments - A.Kudrin has told.
at the same time Russia, according to A.Kudrin, has good prospects of stable growth of economy at preservation of base fundamental indicators. Thus, as he said, it is necessary for state to concentrate on infrastructure development so that roads, ports, logistics, communication were at high international level. it is possible. I am assured, it will occur within the next years, and the next decade it will be break in modernisation of Russia - the minister has finished on the major note the performance.