Rus News Journal

The customs has transferred into in January the budget more than 300 mlrd rbl.

Customs bodies have listed in January in the federal budget hardly more than 313 mlrd rbl. As the Federal customs service (FTS) has informed today, year before it has collected in the budget almost on third less - 244,16 mlrd rbl.
Following the results of the past year FTS has listed in the federal budget 4,33 trln rbl. that has made 105,68 % from the predicted sum of incomes of the budget administered by customs bodies.
following the results of 2009. FTS has collected in the Russian budget 3,48 trln rbl. at a control indicator 3,47 trln rbl. Thus, following the results of the past year transfers of customs bodies have grown almost on 25 %.
Essential growth of custom charges was promoted by the lowest comparative base 2009., when Russia together with other world has fallen to crisis and recession abyss. Only to the beginning of last year the situation was stabilised and has started to be corrected. The typed rates have allowed to show in 2010. Sharp growth of various economic indicators (however, still far from pre-crisis).
In process of world economy restoration have on the sly started to come to the senses and the raw markets. The prices for oil (the basic export Russian goods) have grown, volumes of deliveries have increased. On this background incomes of Russia of oil export have reached in II quarter 2010. A two-year maximum. Accordingly, gathering of export duties have grown also.