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M.Prokhorov has told, in what stability of the budget

Stability of the budget of the Russian Federation should not be end in itself. Such opinion was stated in conversation with journalists by the candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation Michael Prokhorov. As he said, for the sake of realisation of strategic targets the country can have a budgeted deficit during the short period.
the businessman has underlined that in it basic distinction of its electoral programme from a current state of affairs consists. if we as a result of budget revision have a deficiency of 1,5 % of gross national product, I do not see any problems. For this purpose there are reserves, there is a loan possibility - the candidate for presidents has added.
M.Prokhorov also has noticed that it would be possible to direct a part of reserves of the Russian Federation on infrastructural bonds. As he said, on security the part of fund of the future generations (30 - 35 %) can let out infrastructural bonds for financing of projects with a time of recovery of outlay till 10 years. It is a question including of ports, the airports.
the Candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation also has noticed what to compensate dropping out incomes of the budget of decrease in tax loading offered in an electoral programme on business is planned at the expense of decrease in military expenses and increase of taxes to luxury. First of all, as he said, it is a question of decrease in state expenses on military technology purchase. Russian VPK such volume cannot make - M.Prokhorov marks. Thus it acts as the opponent of purchase of the weapon abroad. As he said, in this case Russia will lose the so-called military animator of development.
according to the candidate, the country needs to spend to 7 - 8 years for creation grazhdansko - military concerns with participation of the private capital which would make effective hi-tech production both in civil sector, and in the military man. at the expense of it the cost price will decrease. Now the factory which makes only military production, with loading of 10 %, exposes the cost price on all factory - M.Prokhorov has depicted a current situation.
as to increase of taxes to luxury, that, according to M.Prokhorov, is offered to increase essentially the tax to the property at excess of some norm, for example, in 100 sq. m of habitation and 25 hundred parts of the earth by the person. on everything that over it, the tax should grow strongly - he considers.