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Rally in stock markets proceeds

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Thursday, on February, 2nd, is positive. The auctions in the USA on Wednesday were closed by growth, as well as put the Russian market.
on Thursday futures for the American indexes bargain in plus, at the auctions in Asia buyers prevail.
the Share auctions in Europe on February, 1st 2012. Have come to the end with increase of leading indexes. Investors on - former are concentrated to Greece where the government continues negotiations about debt reduction. However the published reports on macroeconomic indicators of Great Britain and the USA for January 2012. Have added confidence to investors. The bank sector became the leader of growth.
so, actions Royal Bank of Scotland have added in the price of 4,21 %, Lloyds Banking - 5,16 %. Papers Barclays have risen in price for 5,43 %. Actions of French Societe Generale have shown good results, having added 5,91 %, securities Credit Agricole have grown on 7,38 %, BNP Paribas - on 4,55 %. Actions German Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have grown in the price for 4,99 % and 3,61 % accordingly.
the share auctions in the USA were closed on February, 1st by growth: index Dow Jones has grown on 83,55 points (+0,66 %), having risen to 12716,46 points, index S &P - on 11,68 points (+0,89 %) - to 1324,09 points, index NASDAQ has grown on 34,43 points (+1,22 %) - to 2848,27 points. At the share auctions in Asia on Thursday buyers prevail. At 08:00 Moscow time index Nikkei 225 has grown on 0,87 %, Hang Seng - on 1,35 %, All Ordinaries - on 1,03 %, Shanghai Composite - on 0,31 %, Straits Times - on 0,48 %.
the Commodity market
I think, for gold on - former there are good conditions. In - the first, the prices have got support from last statements of Fedrezerva - prolongation of the period of low rates to 2014. In - the second, we know that ETSB in the end of February will start the second tranche of the program of granting of liquidity to banks. At present I do not see any reasons to sell gold. I do not want to predict, to what level of the price for gold can grow, but I consider that they can show new maxima - partner Praxis Trading Ajra Harris has informed TV channel Bloomberg. On Thursday at 08:00 Moscow time futures for gold were on a mark 1750,7 dollars/ ounce (+0,07 %), silver - 33,73 dollars/ ounce (- 0,22), platinum - 1621,1 dollars/ ounce (- 0,13 %), a palladium - 696,75 dollars/ ounce (+0,07 %).
the Present price for oil Brent, 110 dollars in for barrel, it is essential above that level on which it historically was at a similar economic situation. But I think that this year the price will not fall essentially below this level. In my opinion, the market underestimates consequences of embargo on import of the Iranian oil, especially if other countries join embargo. On the other hand, is and the counteracting factor: remains not clear who becomes the buyer of the Iranian oil after the introduction of embargo into force. Both China, and Japan have already lowered dependence on the Iranian oil or are going to make it in the near future. Nevertheless the volume of free capacities is very insignificant, so finally, I believe, potential of a rise in prices for oil this year it is essential above chances of falling below 100 dollars - the main analyst on raw materials Commerzbank of Ojgen Vajnberg has informed TV channel Bloomberg. As of 08:00 Moscow time on Thursday the price of contract Brent was on a mark 111,83 dollars/ barr. (+0,24 %), contract Light Sweet - on 97,52 dollars/ barr. (- 0,08 %).
On Thursday since morning of euro there are 1,318 US dollars. After the last rally the day before in the market moderate correction is observed. Players have started to pay attention to dollar after the strong data of statistics of national economy.
the habitation market has shown stabilisation signs, in the industry are observed is moderated optimistical moods. All it, on the one hand, should cause thirst of risk in players, with another - such data gives up as a bad job plans on QE - 3 so, for US dollar demand has started to raise.
besides if Greece nevertheless manages to be avoided a default and to create conditions for economy growth eurocrisis will resolve by itself. From it, certainly, will win all parties.
the share markets
the Beginning of new month after shock January all - taki has not brought simplification to bears . Despite preceding weak closing of stock market of the USA (after the depressing macroeconomic statistics of consumer trust for January), pessimism in the Russian market on Wednesday has held on not for long. Unexpectedly high value of an index of managers on supply in China in January became an official occasion of continuation of purchases - it has increased to 50,5 points instead of falling below a barrier mark of 50 points. Thus, one of key economy of the world does not say goodbye to a locomotive role.
Besides, have pleased results of placing of the European debts. Germany it is expected successfully has placed 10 - summer bonds. Placing of bills on 1,5 mlrd euro Portugal under 4,068 % against 4,346 % at auction of fortnight prescription became a pleasant bonus. Let`s remind, participants of the market had doubts concerning Portugal as not later than on January, 30th profitableness 10 - summer bonds of the country has reached record 17,40 % from - for fear of repetition here the Greek scenario.
the occasion to lifting continuation (money - that is, especially - at foreign investors) was necessary to the market, and the occasion has been found, and not one. The evening macrostatistics of the USA has not brought: the data about the created workplaces in a private sector has coincided with the forecast, and the publication of the data about corporate dismissals has been transferred on Thursday. These factors have allowed a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index to rise to 1540 points, and RTS, at last, has reached a target point of 1600 points.
following the results of trading session on February, 1st the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has raised on 1,67 % - to 1539,36 points, RTS index - on 1,41 % and has reached a point 1599,52 points. The volume of the auctions at a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange stock exchange - RTS following the results of day has made 325,64 mlrd rbl.
the Forecast
So, the Russian indexes have continued to clamber confidently upwards, laying a way on to corpses bears which for January became much. A situation difficult as on peregretom the market it is uncomfortable to make purchases. But always it is possible to fill half at least an investment portfolio with very cheap papers of representatives of cyclic branches counting on long-term restoration of the Russian market. shortit expensive blue counters it is not necessary at least till the end of current week.
the Russian market continues to show rally. Forces bulls increase. The day before the multimonthly descending trend, and it after growth which lasted one and a half month has been broken through upwards. Buyers did not begin to stand on ceremony and have advanced to the attack without preliminary preparation. bears capitulate. Indexes aspire upwards. The World markets were overflowed by euphoria. The reason for all - money ETSB.
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