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A.Kudrin: the State distributes too many grants and privileges

the Former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin considers that the state directs too many means for support of the inefficient enterprises, and has urged to reduce state grants in economy. With such statement it has acted at an economic forum Russia 2012 organised by the Savings Bank and IK the Three Dialogue .
By words eks - the minister, a privilege and grants are distributed in the Russian conditions neuporjadochenno - at the state is favourites and favourites which budgetary support gets first of all. Besides, after anti-recessionary measures of support the authorities had an illusion that at the expense of grants probably to create the whole industries.
we have lost border, at what areas there should be a state, and in what - business - he has told. Especially well this approach is swept up in new Federal target programs (FTSP) against which A.Kudrin acted, being in the Ministry of Finance. So, it has subjected to criticism of attempt to create in deadlines competitive pharmaceutical industry for the account zavalivanija branches grants as at such approach the private initiative pales into insignificance and demotiviruetsja.
According to A.Kudrin, the state should reduce the presence at economy not only at the expense of privatisation, but also at the expense of reduction of state grants.