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The dollar official rate has fallen to 22 copeck

Trading session in the Russian currency market of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange passes now under the badge of rouble exchange rate strengthening in relation to dollar and bivaljutnoj to a basket (0,55 dollars and 0,45 euros). The American currency which the day before has risen in price to 30,4 rbl., has conceded today 22 copeck: the official rate of dollar established by Bank of Russia since February, 3rd 2012., has made 30,1855 rbl./ dollars
Thus rouble gradually recedes under the impact of euro. As of 12:50 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations tomorrow made 39,7569 rbl./ euro that for 4 copeck above level of closing of the last trading day. The minimum transactions on euro are made at level 39,72 rbl./ euro, maximum - 39,8115 rbl./ euro.
on this background cost bivaljutnoj baskets of Bank of Russia has fallen by 13:05 Moscow time for 1 copeck - to 34,5242 rbl.
The Russian participants of the currency market will continue to watch an external background which can promptly change and strengthen volatilnost at the currency auctions today. We will notice that the situation in the monetary market has considerably improved during the last days that deprives rouble of additional support - the analyst Promsvjazbanka Anton Zaharov marks, having added that the bank leaves the three-monthly forecast of easing of rouble up to 32,5 rbl./ dollars without changes.