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Reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from the beginning of year have exceeded for the first time $500 mlrd

Volume of gold and exchange currency reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of January, 27th 2012. Has increased on 4,3 mlrd dollars (+0,9 %) and has reached 504 mlrd dollars, has informed today department external and public relations of Bank of Russia. Reserves for the first time this year have exceeded a mark in half-trillion dollars - last time they were more than 500 mlrd dollars in the end of December 2011.
Following the results of 2011. ZVR Russia has grown on 4 % and has reached 498,65 mlrd dollars Thus, from the beginning of year their volume has increased on 5,35 mlrd dollars
the Historical maximum of gold and exchange (international) reserves of the Russian Federation it is necessary for August, 8th 2008., when their volume has reached 598,1 mlrd dollars In the meantime their historical minimum it is possible to consider an indicator 10,7 mlrd the dollars registered for April, 2nd 1999.
To gold and exchange, or international, to reserves external actives of the state which develop of foreign currency, the monetary gold, the special rights of loan (SDR), a reserve position in IMF and others vysokolikvidnyh financial actives concern. Gold and exchange (international) reserves of the Russian Federation are at the disposal of Bank of Russia and the government of the Russian Federation and can be used for financing of deficiency of the balance of payments, for interventions in the currency markets or for other purposes in interests of the state.
the bank of Russia predicts that to 2013. Reserves can make 505 mlrd dollars at oil in 75 dollars/ barr., 541 mlrd dollars - at 100 dollars/ barr. And 589 mlrd dollars - at cost of barrel of oil in 125 dollars To 2014. The Central Bank expects the given indicator at level 478 - 649 mlrd dollars, and by January, 1st 2015. - 448 - 710 mlrd dollars