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V.Putin has promised to deduce the Russian Federation in a top - 20 countries on business dealing conditions

the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considers that Russia the next years should enter into a top - 20 countries with the most attractive business climate for what it should make jerk and to rise with present 120 - go places. With such statement of premieres - the minister has acted at an investment forum Russia 2012 .
the Head of the government has listed parametres which will work at the moment of achievement of the designated purpose by Russia: connection terms to power supply networks will be reduced practically four times, and the bookkeeper will spend for filling of the tax reporting three times less time.
the cargo waggon will cross customs seven times faster. To receive the object building licence, it is required five times to less time and three times less than various papers. And so in all - he has told.
Century Putin has added that is necessary to harmonise the Russian corporate legislation with the legislation of the leading European countries. it is necessary to enter the best world practice in sphere of joint-stock agreements, and this work should be accelerated - the prime minister - the minister considers.
V.Putin has underlined that wide introduction of the best international an expert in this area, proved the efficiency is necessary. not the official should decide that is necessary for the investor. It is convinced, businessmen should formulate requirements to customs, tax, administrative and other procedures, that is creation of the favorable business environment is a partner project of the state, business and a society - he has concluded.
the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation has shared the forecast for the business future of Russia. In its opinion, forthcoming decades the country becomes one of the economic centres of the world.
Century Putin also has noticed that remaining in financial systems of Europe and the USA pressure increases system risk for all global economy. As he said, becomes more and more obvious that risks of the next global recession remain. The prime minister has designated two scenarios of the further succession of events: the first - negative which will be accompanied proedaniem the future, debt accumulation, protectionism growth, trading wars, political destabilization, middle class washing out in many developed countries .
the Positive scenario as V.Putin considers, assumes refusal of economy bubbles and transition to economy which creates not derivativy, and workplaces . Thus technological break will put before many countries serious questions, for example, potential power revolution can be accompanied by falling of the prices for oil and other hydrocarbons .