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S &P: Recession in an eurozone will be limited 2012.

Recession in the euro zone, caused by debt crisis, should come to the end gradually by the end 2012., experts of rating agency Standard and Poor`s (S &P) consider. According to expectations of experts, a total internal product (gross national product) of an eurozone in 2012. Remains at last year`s level, and following the results of 2013. Will grow on 1 %.
Probability of such succession of events of analytics of agency have estimated in 60 %. Alternative forecast S &P assumes repeated recession which will make especially considerable impact on Spain, Portugal and Italy.
as to a current situation in an eurozone, analysts of agency have allocated three major factors on which scale of recession depends. It is dynamics of demand in emerging markets, reaction of consumers to growth of unemployment and their relation to debt crisis as a whole, and also measures on which the authorities of Europe for restoration of trust of investors will go.
Now the eurozone endures full-scale crisis - the excessive debts of Greece many long years hidden by the authorities from the public, have resulted the country on a default side. After Greece Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries of a zone of euro have started to test difficulties, considerably having held down economic activity and having undermined trust to the tools nominated in uniform European currency.
under the forecast of the International currency fund (IMF), Europe this year will enter a phase of repeated recession - eurozone gross national product will be reduced to 0,5 %. Thus in Italy and Spain recession will last two years.