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Group Limonov supporters has illegally got into a building of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

In Moscow today are detained 27 Limonov supporters it is illegal pronikshih in a building of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
as have informed in capital Department of Internal Affairs TSAO, Limonov supporters have rushed into a reception of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (the street Ilyinka, the house 9), began to scatter leaflets and to demand resignation of the president and the Minister of Finance of Russia.
the police officers who have arrived on a scene have detained 27 persons involved in given incident. all arrested persons are delivered in OVD China - a city where on them reports on an administrative offence " are made; - the interlocutor of agency has noted.
Limonov supporters are known for the love to the loud actions directed against official bodies. The attack 2005 became on December, 14th most scandalous of them. 40 members NBP on a building of reception Presidential Administration on Ilyinka. Having broken in a building, active workers have declared that are authorised to carry on negotiations with the head of the state on behalf of a civil society, the meeting with Vladimir Putin have demanded. This very day all of them have been detained. Eight of them have been sentenced to imprisonment terms from 2 till 3,5 years in a standard regime penal colony. Among condemned - two girls. Other defendants (31 persons), were since December, 2004 under guards, have been released within two hours. All of them are recognised by guilty of participation in mass riots.
in March of this year attempt " has come to the end with failure; Limonov supporters to grasp one of Savings Bank offices in the capital centre. Young men have detained at an input. Returning by the state of debts to investors was the action purpose ostensibly. Near office doors nearby 20 persons as a result have been detained. All of them have been delivered in the nearest police station.