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M.Ahmadinezhad has acted thanks to the American kindness

US president George Bush has declared that the Iranian leader Mahmud Ahmadinezhad could act at the Colombian university in the USA thanks to magnanimity of America .
According to the American president, it not against performance of the Iranian leader at university if the educational institution administration considers this experience necessary for students.
if to ponder, M.Ahmadinezhad is the head of the state, sponsoring terrorism, and, despite it, the organisation in our country gives it chance freely to express the point of view that speaks about the valid freedom in our country - has noted J. Bush.
after M.Ahmadinezhada`s performance at the Colombian university, broadcast on TV channel Fox News, in streets of New York have passed protest actions against visit of the Iranian leader.
At the same time tickets for performance of the Iranian president have dispersed in an hour after their release in the reference, marks Bi - bi - si. The Iranian leader has arrived to New York for participation in General Assembly of the United Nations where it should act today with speech.
it is necessary to notice that the USA - one of the states actively calling the world community to apply to Iran the most severe measures, up to the power. As an occasion to such statements refusal of Iran to curtail the nuclear program has served.
we will remind, on September, 12th of this year the American mass-media have informed that the Presidential Administration of the USA discusses plans of possible bombing attack to Iran. The reason of it the recent decision of Germany began to refuse any sanctions concerning Teheran, the United Nations imposed by Security Council.
a bit later, on September, 17th, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kushner has made a rash statement that the international community should be ready to possible war with Iran. Statements B. Kushner have evoked a wide response in Iran and among other participants of dispute under the Iranian program of enrichment of uranium.
later leaders of France have tried to smooth the conflict, the USA and the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, serially declared that the unique way of the decision of the Iranian problem remains dialogue conducting though appeals to toughening of sanctions continued to sound.
against the power decision of the Iranian question sharply act in the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA). So, its head Mohammed El - Baradei after B.Kushner`s statement has opposed applications of military sanctions in relation to Iran. In IAEA have underlined that this sort of measures can be considered in the latest turn and only according to the UN Security Council decision.