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J.Fukuda became new the prime minister -

the Lower chamber of parliament of Japan has selected the minister of Japan the representative of a known political dynasty of Jasuo Fukudu new the prime minister - the minister of the country, transfers Associated Press.
the voting by a nominee of premieres - the minister today should spend and the parliament upper chamber, however as lower chamber decisions on this question have primary weight, 71 - to summer J.Fukude the introduction into this post is guaranteed.
we will remind, J.Fukuda has been selected by head Liberally - democratic party of Japan (LDP) on September, 23rd of this year On a post of leader LDP as the former head the country Taro Aso Ministry of Foreign Affairs applied.
J.Fukuda is known for the criticism of a political policy of the former prime minister of Japan Sindzo Abe. It supports strengthening of relations of Japan with its Asian neighbours.
53 - summer With. Abe has declared intention to retire on September, 12th, and in some days after that has got to hospital in connection with a nervous exhaustion. As has informed S.Abe, its decision on leaving from the government has been caused in many respects by problems with health about which he did not want to speak earlier.
Earlier, explaining the reasons of the decision for citizens of the country, S.Abe has declared that to the cabinet which he headed, it was not possible to organise the effective policy which would enjoy trust at the population. I have decided that in this situation changes " are necessary to us;.
Thereupon it is necessary to notice that sharp decrease in a rating of popularity of S.Abe, failure on elections, and also the scandals connected with its government became immediate causes for the decision on resignation. Under other version, the prime minister - the minister has made the decision on own resignation in connection with unwillingness of deputies of Japanese parliament to agree with its plans to increase a military contingent in Afghanistan.
Sindzo Abe has headed the cabinet of all one year ago, becoming the youngest head of the government in the history of the rising sun Country. At the introduction into a post he declared determination to correct worsened relations with the Asian neighbours, to reconsider the constitution and to strengthen a country role on international scene.
however to achieve serious break in S.Abe`s foreign policy it was not possible, and the scandals connected with its government, arose one after another. For last months in resignation key ministers, including the head of defensive department Fumio Kjuma who in a public statement has justified nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have left some. In addition the Minister of Agriculture of Japan has committed suicide from - for financial scandal that also has not added popularity to S.Abe`s government.